An Experience

Upon sitting one day in meditation I was lucky enough to have the most sublime experience.

I was just sitting, not thinking of anything in particular, Just allowing my mind to wander.
Freeing myself from things like the day-to-day drudgery,pain, expectations and alike.
To describe it with words really does not give true justice to this experience, as words are not adequate to cover the immensity of the experience.

It started like any other meditation that I do, half lotus, relaxed mind and body, whilst quietly in my head saying “Aum”.
As I progressed deeper into this state of meditation, the word took on a vibration, it was vibrating me at an atomic level.
Making me feel lighter, less dense in the physical being sense, more so than normal.
The longer I continued, the lighter and more expansive I was becoming, like the atoms of my physical being where being separated, hence this light sensation.
As I continued, I noticed that I was becoming more aware of my surroundings, not in the usual way senses work but at a much more heightened level. It was as if there was a strange connection with my surroundings on many levels.
Intrigued by this new sensation I continued.
The more I allowed the mind to experience this, the more expansive and intense the vibration and feelings became.
Then in a flash, like a major rush of expansion, a massive warp from physical into sub atomic.
I found myself not in my body,and yet still physically attached fully aware of everything that was around me, very similar to an NDE in a way.
Peoples thoughts, emotions, as well as my own where very apparent to me now, once I became accustomed to this and relaxed even more, dismissing my thoughts and allowing my mind to run even deeper into this state.
BANG, another rush, now I was definitely not in my physical body, floating in what seemed like space.
There where stars of many colors and sizes, yet these stars where not planets they where like me, with this came a feeling of love and being connected to these other stars.
It is very hard to explain this feeling of floating in nothingness and having form albeit not seen, no delineation between you and everything that in a way can be seen.
While floating in this space there is still control but it is up to you, what you experience, where you go, what you hear, see, feel, etc.
It is as if this all takes place within oneself and yet it is seen outside of oneself, that is the best way I can describe it, the connections are there, yet unseen.
This process of being, allows for instantaneous gratification, if I can use that word, for it is more about the expansion of self, rather than that.
To describe this would is so difficult, other than to say sublime, unlimiting, love, acceptance, trust, connectivity and all done in purity no conflict or negativity, nothing can compare to it in physical reality.
After this expansion of myself and returning back to the physical, I felt alive, refreshed and yet heavy,with the physicality of the body once more. Still filled with the love, that is there for all and looking forward to my next visit to home.

What did I learn from this?

That all things, great or small, seen or unseen, living or dead, thoughts, actions, universes, planets, people everything that is, is connected. Each relying upon the other, each living for one-another, all with a common goal.
That the boundaries that are placed and made by our own civilizations as well as ourselves and are restrictive upon the soul.
We ultimately have control over our own destiny’s.
Everything we do, thing say, is reflected into the universal collective as well as the universe and thereby reflects upon us.
We are individuals and yet we are one.
We are as much the creator of reality as the original creator is.
That in our truest state of being we are one of the most magnificent entities.
Lastly but definitively not least, we are the stewards of not only our own planet, but teachers(I use this word very loosely as all are as well as students) for the universal, we should take more pride in our planet and it’s safekeeping for future entities like ourselves that would wish to experience this wonderous planet, with its boundless beauty unmatched anywhere in our universe.

~ by white owl on August 3, 2011.

3 Responses to “An Experience”

  1. No i can’t say I have.


  2. Interesting. How long have you been practising this meditation, before you experienced something like that?


    • I have been practicing for many years now, this happened about 25 years ago.
      I had been meditating this way for about 2 years by this stage but had, had an NDE 3 years prior to this due to a car accident, they where fairly similar but different messages came through the NDE. Hence the reason for this blog as it stems from that NDE , it has just taken me a long time to be able to put pen to paper to try to write a book.
      Have you had similar experiences ?


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