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I realize this could be construed as biased, not politically correct or even hate speech but I assure you this is not my intention or the case.

While this may not seem like a spiritual or enlightened post, rest assured it is intended to be. We all have the power to change reality, via a collective consciousness (those with a soul) or vibrational. Let me break that down a little, as individuals, we have the abilities to change the personal expansion of our soul, as well as our immediate personal space, perceptions and acceptance of other soul fragments, experiencing their reality perception, while on their souls journey. Some will inevitably feel lost in their journey ( due to the manipulation, social conditioning and other things), though they are still connected because they have (a soul), an energy that vibrates within. Collectively, we as a species have the ability to do so much more, more than you could likely perceive, we are reality shapers and makers and I don’t say that lightly, remember from whence you have come.

When I look at the world today, in comparison to how it used to be and how it should be, particularly in the spiritual sense, I am in awe as to how far we have strayed from our true selves or our original purpose. Let me explain as best as I can articulate. Please remember throughout this, it is only my opinion, my reality perception.

Our souls, our inner selves, which ever you choose to call it, came here with a purpose. Now I’m, not saying that the majority are not doing that or that those setting the agenda, particularly of late, are not fulfilling their roles. What I am saying is, that the agenda unfolding, which is coming to a head or it’s fruition, particularly of late, is and has been planned for a very long time. When I say that, I’m not talking like a few years, I’m talking centuries in the making, well before any of us currently living, well before history was changed and well before the mind wipes started. While I’m here, let me also state, that while it appears to be, not in the best interests of human kind, I think it could well be. As in, from great trauma we learn the most. This is when we connect with who and what we are, for the greater good of ourselves, particularly collectively. Therefore I see it (in the broader spectrum), as being another watershed moment, in the history of human kind, as a collective, energetically, for reality changing events, on a much grander scale, than is perceived for just here and now and us as individual souls experiencing. I’m positive we have been in similar circumstances before and hence, why there have been so many civilizational past abilities, lost to us, of which I’m sure, many would agree (albeit that there are defiantly some recant ones, that could be used for a greater purpose). I’m perceiving that this will probably jump around a bit, so please hang in there with me, as these topics are bound to overlap, due to their nature of being. Are you with me so far ?

So, let us begin, hold onto your heads, or is it your hats? Because ( “we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto”) this could be eye opening to those, who in particular, are not connected to (what I call source) and never have been, or to those who are suddenly finding them selves, awakening. Now your either going to love this or hate it, as polar opposites seems to be the rule of the day.

My next statement is bound to ruffle some feathers, I have no doubt, as will many, I am going to approach, so here goes.

So just stepping back for a moment to add to what has already been iterated. I perceive those setting the agenda, are and always have been, doing what their soul purpose is. Even though it goes against what we perceive as being, the right path, for humanity as a whole. I’m not saying, there aren’t some huge problems or pitfalls that have arisen from that. I will be going into some of those, so get ready, as they are not pretty but are to a degree necessary for, the so called, great awakening, in my opinion. I will stipulate that it could all go astray, very easily and I’m not condoning it but see it as, to a degree necessary. Let me explain that statement before I continue. My reasoning behind it is, because of how far we as a species, have allowed a grand deception to be implemented to societies around the world. Allowing ourselves to be manipulated, mentally but also on a DNA level, primarily. Thereby creating an ever growing rift between what is and what should be, spiritually( as in our soul purpose). Particularly by those who have been busy setting the agenda’s and those that help perpetuate said agendas, order followers, Npc’s etc. Adding to that, I will make another statement. That I am sure these order followers are, either being manipulated very heavily ( from sources that I perceive as being, the original Anunaki or Amen) or they are what is considered to be npc’s, clones or even, lower vibrational entities. Either way, it is with the help of said individuals that the deception has progressed as far as it has and our own, lets be honest here. Why do I see it as necessary, you ask. Well as I have said before, from Global trauma, we as a species, seem to become united and usually progress in a united front, towards a greater understanding of either the situation or, a greater solution for the good of all . Not only in the physical but also vibrationally and on a soul expansion and expression level, that impacts greatly (of course this doesn’t include the npc’s, or lower vibrational).Yes that does sound rather divisional but once again, there is an explainable reason for that process, understand vibrational influence and interaction and you will see why. I would like to hold the positive seeing us moving into a better solution, not only for us as a species but also for the planets, flora and fauna. Hopefully then as it progresses, into a more sustainable and holistic, interaction not only between all people once more but also the planet, flora and fauna. Inline with our soul purpose and our free will being, expressed vibrationally (much as it does now), changing reality drastically from what and where we find ourselves today.

Moving right along, I will not be going into another major problem, being of the removal of most of our past life experiences ( not all are affected), hence stopping the natural progression of our soul ( for the majority), consciousness wipes, that are slowing drastically, the collective vibrational expansion and expression of source (which I perceive as being positive from what I personally experienced). But who am I to say it is a problem, I mean, in some cases it could be a good thing, right ? I will however, put my thoughts, ever so carefully, about the continued calcification of the pineal gland and the continued manipulation of DNA, in order to achieve a loss of connection and recollection of source. Which in turn removes our reality creating ability, control over our individual soul reincarnation process and a complete disconnect from source. In turn, allowing total manipulation on a soul level. All things considered, more than likely their ultimate goals, in my opinion.

I will in these pages ahead, be lightly expressing, what I consider to be, the major subjects, related to the social conditioning manipulations at hand, as to go into great detail would take an encyclopedic edition of explanations and lets face it, we prefer the bottom line basics, the nutshell. Don’t we ?

Are you still hanging in there, I hope so.

Okay, now lets take a look at what they have achieved, via social conditioning.

Shal we jump into the deep end first, to see if you wish to delve any further, with probably one of the biggest ones (dare I say it), religion. Fact, religion was a creation of these beings, in order to take your power, away from you and place it with, (again dare I say it), a non existent savior entity or incorporeal being, if you prefer. Thereby creating a savior complex, throughout the world as we see it today. Because of religion (particularly via devout fanatic’s), we give away our ability to accept those, who would believe, something different from ourselves. While it is good to believe in something, in this case it is better to have belief in, self and worth, first. Here-in lies a big part of the manipulation, called segregation. Just to state a few facts here. While religion is primarily the source for most people to come to peace with themselves and or their actions. In principle, if you look at all religion and or belief systems you will find a lot of commonality, that is based in ultimate truth, for the soul, being in human form and allowing the best possible integrations into this physicality, we call earth. As per all things upon this earth, there will always be the fanatical people. Here in lies another problem, that is being utilized, by those who we see as the elite, illuminate or what ever you wish to call them, to push not only segregation but also fear. Our primary or original function as souls being human, is to advance vibrationally, to also help others, to move in a more coherent manner, collectively and in unison with the reality in which we perceive our self to be, while being able to have free will and experiences. Always remembering that what we do to ourselves we do to others, why do I say this. Because we are all from source, we are all brothers and sisters, so energetically we affect not only ourselves but in a collective sense, we hurt our brothers and sisters, this also includes everything, within this reality perception we are all having. And you will find is a basic truth, throughout all philosophies, modems and particularly in belief systems. Am I making sense to you so far, making you question, lets hope so, as this is just the beginning and probably one of the hardest to get ones head around.

Next would be, symbolism. Now while this primarily is not seen as an agenda, I can assure you it is. You see, symbolism affects the unconscious state of being. Once again let me explain. Symbolism in a nut shell, affects the subconscious mind and even though you don’t realize it, influences your conscious mind very dramatically. Why and how you may ask. Well once again simply put, because our minds work on so many levels, symbolism is the easiest way for us to perceive what we are looking at, on a subconscious level, thereby allowing our minds to process symbolism at a much faster rate. So we then begin to see a pattern of symbolism representing certain things, think of, MacDonald’s, Microsoft, Apple, toilet signs, stop signs, even uniforms are a type of symbolism when you think about it, I bet you associate a Chef, pilot or police officer with a certain uniform. But thats a slightly different type of symbolism, associated with societal structure, once again though, creating a sense of societal worth or stature. I digress, getting back to it, Symbolism has been around since, well man per say, walked the earth, it has and always will be the easiest, globally recognizable form of communication and association. If you bother to really look into it, the big global companies have a symbol, easily recognizable, globally, I will add that the majority of these symbols represent something completely different to what they are trying to sell and or portray. You see, symbolism goes way back, it is so ingrained in the psych because it has been used, as we are led to believe, since humans could communicate in the most rudimentary form. Like most things though, it has been convoluted into something it is not, much like written language has been, they don’t call it spelling for no reason but thats another topic for later. Touching back to symbolism, it has long been used in what could be considered, ceremonial scenarios in the beginning and is something we seem to relate to very easily, I would say this is something that has been left in our subconscious or, implanted for reasons that are obvious, just going by the affect certain symbol’s have on our psych.

Just a side note here.

Through Mass Media, the use of pharmaceuticals, alcohol and food abuse runs rife, we are constantly bombarded with these products, in the form of advertising. While they continue to hide the facts, about what is really good for you, in most instances. While water is filled with chlorine, our foods are gentically modified, pharmaceuticals generally, only mask what is going on instead of fixing the problem. Alcohol is and always has been, a road to self destruction, it affects so many parts of the body over a long period of time. Yet it is deemed acceptable to have these things, in our lives, that modify our behaviors, our mental states, our bodies, through social conditioning, as in, if it’s on the TV or other media platforms and the Govt’s and laws sanction it etc, it must be ok. While there are alternatives that can be utilized, they are not generally advertised, or sanctioned by Govts, so people see these as not acceptable. Advertising is one of the more powerful forms of social conditioning on a grand scale.

And don’t get me started on mobile phones.


Coming soon

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Soon I will be publishing a small series on indoctrination.

I will be touching lightly,, upon what I consider to be the primary subjects of, my thoughts about how it works, why it is being done, also agendas unfolding, in relation to said indoctrination and possible outcomes. I hope you will read these, with an open mind, as they will be quite confronting for some people and I have no doubt, will be controversial to say the least. I will say that I am doing these for two reasons, one being, to get it out of my head, secondly coming from a loving place, with the hope and inspiration, to move our world to a greater understanding of ourselves and others, that find ourselves here at this time, experiencing this paradigm, holographic, vibrational universe.

The awakening

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Here we are, in times of unrest and turmoil. So much misinformation, policing policies, corruption, lies and deceptions being implemented upon the unknowing masses. What is to become of the world and all it’s inhabitants.

I think it depends on what and where your mind is and your intentions, bearing in mind, as we perceive so we create. Unfortunately, those who stand against said times, are ridiculed, persecuted and labeled, not allowed the rights of freedom of speech.

More and more I see, our common law rights being taken away, by the few and those too indoctrinated to see otherwise.
We are at a crossroads now and it can go either of two ways. Either we go into ourselves and find within us, the power, strength and conviction, to get past the subversive actions and the taking of us, further away from source and stand, as man should, shoulder to shoulder, brother with brother, people and planet.
We need to do this as a collective, hopefully, non violently.
Because if we don’t, we will be in a hunger games, 1984, the matrix, scenarios.

I am aware this is not what, we the people, we the planet or even we the soul want.
I am also aware, that it is hard to stay positive and in-touch with your inner being, particularly in these times. But we, yes you and I, are here for a reason.
If it is not to find balance again and remove the negative influences, Then i would ask you to delve deeper into your soul and ask yourself, is what i do now in line with my higher self, my soul purpose.
So i ask and state again, we are at a crossroad and our actions now, will determine our future and the planets as well as our children and grandchildren.
If ever you needed to connect with your soul, now is the time to do so. There is no time to wait anymore.
If you don’t believe me, just look around you.
In the past 20 years alone, we have been at war, at each other, destroying wildlife, destroying our planet, corrupting our innocent, loading our bodies with toxins. Yet have we made any headway towards a more sustainable, lifestyle, a more inline with planet lifestyle, a more true to ourselves collectively, or are we being led to become the slaves of a few for their benefit. Look at Agenda 2030, the lies to take us to war, the corruption of the banking system and these are very light issues, there are many and they run very deep, more than the average person could imagine, I have been and looked, so i know how bad it really is.
The world has had technologies suppressed that would greatly advance our world and stop a lot of the degradation, if you don’t believe me, just look at RIFE frequencies, Tesla technologies and these are just two.

Now to those who are into religion, especially the bible, end times, does it seem to fit, I think it does. The few (small hats), utilize religion, belief systems as a base to let you know what they are intending, along with the media systems, subliminal suggestion, and repetition. These are all forms of mind control.
Now i’m not saying don’t believe, because there is some truth in the doctrines but very little.
They (men in small hats)have and do use symbolism and many forms of mind control, that where established many years ago. The best example would be the Nazi regime, look at what and how they manipulated their people. And i will tell you now, that many of these perpetrators, were brought from Germany and sequestered into the main global powers for that exact purpose and are in many places of power even now, if not them, their systems.

So i say, it is time for a mass awakening on a grand scale, i dread to think of the consequences, should this not happen. Time to break the chains of indoctrination and set yourself free.

And then!

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We are all energy beings, in our true form, that have access to all states of being and knowing in all dimensions or realities which ever you prefer.

In our current state of being, we are what is called a physical manifestation of an energy congruence.

Even though we are in physical form we still have the abilities of that energy being, although we are constrained to the laws of the physical reality in which we live or abide. This is true in all realities, there are what could be called, universal laws and they vary between each reality and or paradigm.

We still have these abilities and are able to cause and or affect the reality in which we live.

We exist in all planes at once (dimensions/Paradigms).

We take what is called human form, in order to experience the 5 senses, something that we cannot experience in our true state of being, for we are energy with thought.

Once in the physical we become bound by the constraints of it, this is not to say we cannot experience outside of that but we become limited by the conscious mind and ego. Therefore what our physical minds take in create our inhibitors as well as the universal laws relative to the reality. There are those among us that can transcend to a degree but they are still bound to the physical, because they chose to manifest their energy within it.

We do however still have abilities that are utilizable within this reality, such as self healing, spacial travel, to name a few of the more prominent, we also have the ability to access, what we call past, present and future events. Remembering that time is a construct of this reality and that all things actually exist at once. Our physical mental state will be the determinate upon which we can effectively utilize these abilities. Accompany this with the social states of being relative to the reality and this also adds to the constraints you place upon yourself, as well as the learning process you have come here to experience.

This is not to say that you cannot rise above, as so many have. It is just a statement as to what will add to the constraints we place upon ourselves. There are of course other factors.

Lets start with words. Words carry energy and do affect the reality, add to this action and thought and you have the ability to change anything, within reason of course. Remember, that which is of the physical has a greater impact upon it, so in this paradigm, that which affects the physical senses plays a greater role in the reality creation, both on an individual level as well as a collective. Once again remembering all things are ultimately one and we are only experiencing individual expressions of it but as a collective.

Other factors that limit our abilities to be our true self can be seen in our day to day lives. First and foremost would be the affect those who have become so entrapped in the absorption of energy from the physical senses. Here I mean, those who have become so complacent about their fellow human and anything else other than themselves, at a dire cost to others, so that they can experience more of the physical and become, lost to a degree to the energy of the universal. this would include such people as “Bilderberg”, “Rothschild” and even those we put in places of power, like presidents, heads of state and religious leaders to name a few. While not all are corrupted by the physical the majority are.

Adding to this “The media”, “Banking systems”,”Electro magnetic pulse energy, (among others)”, “Radiation”, “Pollution”,”Eco collapse”, “GMO’s”,”Pharmaceuticals” and the list goes on, I could fill a page alone with the things that have been designed by man, in order to suppress his true nature of being.

We are and will always be, the creators of our realities, whether personal or global. We need to understand this, en-mass. We have the ability to make a world, that is harmonious for all living things and still move forwards.

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