In the begining

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This is the starting point of a concept of imagination, perception, intuition, combined with life experience as it progresses.

It is all about realities, individual as well as unified, not only within this realm but hopefully taking into account other dimensional realities that co exist with us, the human being.

Things that I hope to cover and attempt to explain in a layman’s way, so as to be easier to digest a philosophy concept of reality. It may not be precise in its make up but hopefully will open the mind to a greater tomorrow.

* What is the human being?

* What is its purpose?

* What can we learn in the process?

* What impact does this being have on the planet?

* Consideration of alternate realities.

* Control, whether to be or not and at what cost.

* Where are we as a species headed.

* Ideas for meditation, relaxation and balance within.

* Alternative concepts to acceptance.

This will be snippets of a book I am in the progress of writing, I hope it will be of  some use and I am sure that much of it has been said before.

It will be my interpreted concept of what I believe is truth within my personal reality, from what I have read, learned and experienced, with a hope that it wont upset anybody in the process of  being their own person, that is not my intent, but I am sure not all will agree with my philosophy.

My intention is to open the mind of those who wish to accept what is written here.

Also to be able to pass on to my children a little of me and how I see things,  so that they too can understand the craziness that I see pervading  society, turning soul beings into automated unthinking robots to be controlled by those who do not have the best in mind for them as individuals or as a society. Whether that be community or globally.

My, I didn’t mean to get carried away there!

Anyway this is what is in-store from me, may it serves its purpose.

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And then!

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We are all energy beings, in our true form, that have access to all states of being and knowing in all dimensions or realities which ever you prefer.

In our current state of being, we are what is called a physical manifestation of an energy congruence.

Even though we are in physical form we still have the abilities of that energy being, although we are constrained to the laws of the physical reality in which we live or abide. This is true in all realities, there are what could be called, universal laws and they vary between each reality and or paradigm.

We still have these abilities and are able to cause and or affect the reality in which we live.

We exist in all planes at once (dimensions/Paradigms).

We take what is called human form, in order to experience the 5 senses, something that we cannot experience in our true state of being, for we are energy with thought.

Once in the physical we become bound by the constraints of it, this is not to say we cannot experience outside of that but we become limited by the conscious mind and ego. Therefore what our physical minds take in create our inhibitors as well as the universal laws relative to the reality. There are those among us that can transcend to a degree but they are still bound to the physical, because they chose to manifest their energy within it.

We do however still have abilities that are utilizable within this reality, such as self healing, spacial travel, to name a few of the more prominent, we also have the ability to access, what we call past, present and future events. Remembering that time is a construct of this reality and that all things actually exist at once. Our physical mental state will be the determinate upon which we can effectively utilize these abilities. Accompany this with the social states of being relative to the reality and this also adds to the constraints you place upon yourself, as well as the learning process you have come here to experience.

This is not to say that you cannot rise above, as so many have. It is just a statement as to what will add to the constraints we place upon ourselves. There are of course other factors.

Lets start with words. Words carry energy and do affect the reality, add to this action and thought and you have the ability to change anything, within reason of course. Remember, that which is of the physical has a greater impact upon it, so in this paradigm, that which affects the physical senses plays a greater role in the reality creation, both on an individual level as well as a collective. Once again remembering all things are ultimately one and we are only experiencing individual expressions of it but as a collective.

Other factors that limit our abilities to be our true self can be seen in our day to day lives. First and foremost would be the affect those who have become so entrapped in the absorption of energy from the physical senses. Here I mean, those who have become so complacent about their fellow human and anything else other than themselves, at a dire cost to others, so that they can experience more of the physical and become, lost to a degree to the energy of the universal. this would include such people as “Bilderberg”, “Rothschild” and even those we put in places of power, like presidents, heads of state and religious leaders to name a few. While not all are corrupted by the physical the majority are.

Adding to this “The media”, “Banking systems”,”Electro magnetic pulse energy, (among others)”, “Radiation”, “Pollution”,”Eco collapse”, “GMO’s”,”Pharmaceuticals” and the list goes on, I could fill a page alone with the things that have been designed by man, in order to suppress his true nature of being.

We are and will always be, the creators of our realities, whether personal or global. We need to understand this, en-mass. We have the ability to make a world, that is harmonious for all living things and still move forwards.

Reality or deceit

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I was recently asked to view a youtube video. You will find the link below.

Trump Chosen by God To Stop America’s Destruction – Astounding 2011 Prophecy

This is what I had to say:

While I agree he may be good for the removal of some of the corruption, I am still not sure he will be the total answer, as these people seem to believe. Now on the “god” scenario in here, I am afraid that the Christian fanatics will create another “Crusade” scenario, similar to those days when they eradicated globally all the old religions, which will realistically make them no better than what we see going on now globally.

OK, on that note, I have a few questions. #1 Do you believe that, dare I say it; “God” has chosen him? #2 Do you believe that he made his millions, without any corruption? #3 Do you believe he will win? #4 Do you believe he will be incorruptible once elected? #5 Do you think he will not be assassinated by the elite? #6 Do you believe he will turn this world, into a Christian one, or something else? #7 Do you believe he will remove all corruption on a global scale or just in America and on that note do you believe he is only here to save America and not the rest or will it have a follow-on effect globally ? #8 Do you believe it will not start a global deterioration of standards?

Now I’m not saying he is the wrong choice, I just don’t think he is the answer to everything like they believe and that is my issue. I believe in prophecy, it has proven to be correct in many instances, particularly in hindsight but is there also not a prophecy that the rising of the false god and or prophet is due now also?                                                                                                                                    So where does that leave us, in my opinion. I believe that the world will be what we as a collective make it and to rely on 1 individual will only put us in a ‘he is a god’ scenario, which will leave us in a situation I don’t want to think about. Either way, I think we as a collective, have a lot to do in order to bring “Utopia” to this planet and it will be a constant struggle until it is achieved. Now always remember that you cannot live in pure positivity, for there must be balance, as one cannot be without the other, the hard part is to figure out what the balance should be and what should be and what should not. It will boil down to moral standards that are universal, not Christian, Buddhist or any other belief system, for they are convoluted and do not represent the universal laws.

To add to this, we “the global community” have been indoctrinated to such a degree, that most have even forgotten their true powers and or nature of being (for want of better words). We have lost so much of who we are, do we really know who we are anymore, or are we even being lied to about that?

If that is the case, then I stand as corrupted as the rest of us. But I believe that we are energy and thought form that has somehow managed to become 3 dimensional for some reason, via a collective process far beyond our current ability to reason. That does not mean that innately we do not know our purpose, for we have the ability to tap into this, if we are not so indoctrinated that we believe this is all there is and that if we do not follow some belief system created by man, we are destined to be sent to either some form of purgatory or utopic place.

While we do need someone and or thing to be able to direct our energies towards in order to bring about what we would like, I think to place someone in a power place as being “the hand of god incarnate” to bring about justice to the corrupt is bad, for we are all corrupted to a degree, it is the nature of our reality as we see it. Also this is just putting someone else in a power position so that if what we want to achieve is not met then we have someone to persecute. We have the abilities to change our reality but we are not unified in our application, this is why we fail constantly.

I am also of the belief that at this current time, we have what I call windows. These windows are currently allowing us to manifest into our personal realities that which we focus upon. Now weather you see this as angels, gods will or whatever it does not really matter so long as it is positive. Now this can incorporate many aspects of what we see in this reality, from simple kindness to great awakenings or enlightenment, so long as it is positive in its intent.

This is a good thing for those who have a positive outlook towards the global as well as personal achievement. Now I am not saying that the negative will not eventuate, because it will but if you remain in a positive frame of mind in line with universal laws, it will manifest and rather quickly.

So once more I would say be aware of your thought process, actions and words, for it could come back to haunt you.

Warriors of the rainbow

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I’m not into negativity, I’m not into control, it’s not very often that things really rile me up but I have to say, that the world today is being run by corrupt sycophants, who want nothing more than, to create slaves for their bidding.


I see a world today, where basic rights are being systematically taken away, where banks can foreclose for their gains, bankers and money markets forcing total collapses of the economy, taxes and fines that are not legal by any stretch, companies that are prepared to rape the world and it’s inhabitants for a dollar. The rich getting richer, while the regular person finds it hard to put food on the table, let alone anything else. Where wages go down, while prices continue to escalate, where family values are being eroded by the need to hold more than one job.Our food, water, minds and air being poisoned, systematic destruction of the ecosystems, unprovoked wars being waged, news that’s only propaganda, Govts that are being bought or bribed, by big companies, at the expense of the common people. Lies being told by those who are supposed to be there for the people.

I see better alternatives, being suppressed, alternative medicines, being shelved or made illegal, alternative free and sustainable power, being suppressed, better ways of living, made illegal, helping those in need, being made illegal. What could only be called police states, being implemented globally, based on the terrorist propaganda, generally perpetuated by the U.S.A. and its covert agencies. Countries being attacked, because they wont bow down to the Machiavellian systems in place or because they have resources that a more powerful country wants. Genocide, in alarming proportions, being vindicated by lies from those in power. Our Govts, giving themselves unjustifiable raises and retirement entitlements, while putting our countries further in debt and expecting the people to foot the bill, for their greed.


So much more than this is wrong with our world today, we need to hold those in these places of power, (who are actually there to serve us) accountable, for their actions. We need to stop this now, before all of our basic rights and ability to survive, are completely gone.

Why are we accepting even one part of this, have we fallen into a slumber that we will never wake from, or are we awake and afraid ?

It’s time to stand against tyranny in all forms, release ourselves from this Oligarchical system, because if we don’t, we will be nothing more than robots for those elitist few, who feel that have the right, to dominate all things on this planet. Release yourself from the shackles of the mindset that has been put there, by the society in which you live.

Please watch this, it is the truth about our system, Video here

Aluminati finger


It’s time to be free once more and be the person your soul knows, reconnect. A fixed positive mindset is needed more today, than ever before.




We the people

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I think this is right on the button, it does need to happen. Just need to find an un-corrupt lawyer firm to make it happen, or enough awake people to force it to.

We the people video link


Helping others

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pic for reality



We are energy beings,within a physical form while here on this planet. Our vibrational rate is relative to our ascension process, (enlightenment), which in turn is also relative to our acceptance of the reality in which we currently abide as soul being human. We do this in order to experience the physical that would otherwise not be available in our true state of being. ie emotion, ego, pain to name but a few. Apart from being a process in which we as a collective learn as individuals, it also helps us better understand how those, in what could be called the lower realms, assimilate what is going on around them. Thereby allowing us to help change the need for certain aspects of reality that serve no purpose other than to keep us in a state of non evolution, to be removed, this in turn, speeds up and helps with the universal Ascension and or enlightenment process. There are many ways in which to achieve this as there are many dimensions all of which require a knowledge of the previous in order to move forward. In our quest to help those who are asleep we sometimes forget, that we too were once in their shoes, this is where compassion and acceptance of ones individual reality must take precedent if we are to help these move forward, always remembering it is their choice as to whether they choose to or not, it is not up to us to force them to be but accept that they are not ready or that they may never be. Even though we are all of the same make up we are different, some will take more time than others, some have surpassed others, we should not judge them for where they are in their evolutionary process, we should be ready to help guide them when they are. Never give up, remain positive and always be true to the soul, for that is the journey and these are our lessons. Does that make sense as I was writing, what was coming into my head ?

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I will put this up again and hope that you watch it through, understand that we are being manipulated for a global agenda, by those who are really in control. It isn’t our presidents and politicians they are the puppets for the 13 families that are for all intents and purposes in control, of these 13 families there are actually only 3 that have the full knowledge of what is really their intention, total world domination and removal of all civil liberties. It’s happening now and at an escalated rate, because more people are becoming awake to their agenda. If you believe in freedom from tyranny then wake up, stand up and fight for your life.


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