There is only one that comes in many forms

In my time studying many belief systems and or religions, as well as a basic knowledge of the sciences, I have noticed that there are very significant things that run through all(listed below).  Primarily we are all made of the same stuff, regardless of whether you are human, mineral, vegetable, ether or animal, it’s atomic structure and it all works on energy transference. Now back to, one in many forms regarding belief systems and or religions.

1:- Do unto others, as you would have done unto you.
2:- We are all created equal ( in the sense that we all come from the same place).
3:- We are the planets stewards( in a human form).
4:- We are here to learn.
5:- To live in Coexistence with others.
6:- There is something greater than us, that we should strive to become.( in the sense of our understanding of our own truth, about who we are).
7:- There will always be those that oppose the good.

There are variables which seem to be relevant to the culture and or region, sometimes it is to be vegetarian.
In others it is to do with personal ability’s and the coming to terms with your higher self ( which is concurrent in most ).
I presume that we are all the same, in the sense that we have lessons that we need to accept, not only within our own beings but also that of others and that we also need to teach our siblings these lessons, in order to move ourselves forward, as well as the universal energies.

Recompense seems to be something that will come to us, in one form or another, depending upon your belief system and when it will happen.

On the other hand though, we do have control over how we live upon planet earth, the consequences for our disruption upon it are up for conjecture.

As to the final outcome of our disturbance to the balance of the primordial essence upon which we live.
They range between total obliteration,the coming of the god to seek his repentance upon the earth and its people, to a finding of nirvana upon earth and within all beings upon it.
Ultimately I also presume, that life is ever-changing and that we have very little control over that, other than to adapt and coexist with all.

One thing is for sure, our thoughts, words and actions create our reality.
So what reality do you wish to live in and be a part of ?

Always work towards the truth within that, regardless of your system of believing, you will find that nearly all people want for the same things upon planet earth and its other inhabitants.
This is no coincidence, it is in our soul, that this message comes from, something we all have in common.
It may be worded differently but it will boil down to the same need, for compassion,unison,love,understanding and the want to live in a world, where a living being can co-exist without the need for supremacy above another.

My Grandfather once said to me,

“Take this stick, now break it.”

“It broke easily didn’t it ?”

“Now take this bundle of sticks and do the same.”

It was impossible to break.

“Here is what you have just learned, divided we are weak, yet stand together as one and we can overcome the force that would otherwise break us.”

He was a wise man, his words have truth.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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