In the begining

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This is the starting point of a concept of imagination, perception, intuition, combined with life experience as it progresses.

It is all about realities, individual as well as unified, not only within this realm but hopefully taking into account other dimensional realities that co exist with us, the human being.

Things that I hope to cover and attempt to explain in a layman’s way, so as to be easier to digest a philosophy concept of reality. It may not be precise in its make up but hopefully will open the mind to a greater tomorrow.

* What is the human being?

* What is its purpose?

* What can we learn in the process?

* What impact does this being have on the planet?

* Consideration of alternate realities.

* Control, whether to be or not and at what cost.

* Where are we as a species headed.

* Ideas for meditation, relaxation and balance within.

* Alternative concepts to acceptance.

This will be snippets of a book I am in the progress of writing, I hope it will be of  some use and I am sure that much of it has been said before.

It will be my interpreted concept of what I believe is truth within my personal reality, from what I have read, learned and experienced, with a hope that it wont upset anybody in the process of  being their own person, that is not my intent, but I am sure not all will agree with my philosophy.

My intention is to open the mind of those who wish to accept what is written here.

Also to be able to pass on to my children a little of me and how I see things,  so that they too can understand the craziness that I see pervading  society, turning soul beings into automated unthinking robots to be controlled by those who do not have the best in mind for them as individuals or as a society. Whether that be community or globally.

My, I didn’t mean to get carried away there!

Anyway this is what is in-store from me, may it serves its purpose.

A quick note, on the left you will see categories, if you click here, a drop down will appear and you can also search from there.

Doing and being.

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It has been quite a while since my last post, I apologize for that.

Life has been rather hectic in may ways, as I’m sure it has been for many, especially in the last year or two.

It has been a time of being and doing, finding ones self, being for others and doing for self.

We all do this, some to a greater degree than others. This does not make them lesser or greater, for they are on their own journey, of their reality perception.

Many things have been taken and some lost, we have made what we see before ourselves, remember.

Find that within yourself, the spark that lights your way, the thing that makes you shine and be the true you.

You are and always will be, a creator, you are also, a co- creator.

When you are this, you are being, which allows you to do, the doing( couldn’t think of a better way to explain that part). Creating the connection with others who are being and doing, for the same reasons and coming from love and respect, with a belief in who and what you all are. That connection and the coming together, changes the vibratory fields of the universe. Creating in the physical.

Alone, as the creator being that you are, the reality you experience is, of your own doing. Remember where you come from and what you are. Create through your doing and being, create that from your inner being, your truth, live in a positive mind state. That doesn’t mean that the outside world won’t have effect on you, because it will. But as the old saying goes, “behind every cloud there is a silver lining” if you look at it from the knowing of what we as a collective and we as an individual have created, there is always a reason and an understanding, the question is, can you see and or find it. It is there always.

Do not worry, if yo feel you have “lost the connection” it is just a transition, it too is always there, sometimes we have to dig a little deeper.

I suppose the message here is, Remember, remember who and currently what, you are. Does that need to change in order to find you again, or is it just a resting period. We cannot always be perfectly true to self as the reality in which we live, currently, would never allow it, we have glimpses, moments.

These glimpses and moments should be treasured, they are the windows to the soul, the true you, not the perception that the reality has put upon you, remember.

Being able to utilize the connection between being and doing from love, compassion, respect and a willingness to learn and change, (we advance in essence) we become that which we project, in that projection we create, either as a unified energy or an individual one, the reality we perceive before us. How we interact with it, then creates the next moment, the next reality, the next hurdle or the next goal.

It is important to remember we are physical, projecting and absorbing, energy, our energy and others. We create and draw to us, the energy we emit,( remember energy creates the reality), so I would say and believe, that what you give you will receive. Remember who and what you are and ask yourself, am I being and doing from my true self, with that love, respect, compassion, for myself and others or am I just doing and not being.

I hope that makes sense to you as much as it does to me.

Important note…We are all one but we are also individual aspects of one, be true to you and you will have.

Coming from love and respect for all.

White owl

The time has come, there is no second chances now.

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In these times we find ourselves, being over run by a criminal group, vying for our souls.

We, as energy beings, need to stand in our truth, even for those who don’t see, can’t see or won’t see.

We, need to protect the innocent, protect our freedoms and save our souls from destructive forces that would rather rule by hand and weapons against, honest, loving, caring people, than stand against those who also are repressing some in places of influence. To those who are in such positions, I would say to you, do you really not care about your own children and family members, is money your only purpose, that you would go to the extremes of facilitating what could only be called crimes against humanity, do you not have a conscience ? Do you really think that those setting this fake agenda really care about you, or that you are safe because you did what they asked ?

Those who are complicit in forwarding this agenda are as responsible as those who have made it up.

There are some, who are standing against this, in certain positions of power. But it runs so deep, we have to tread carefully. There will be an end to all this fuckery, one way or another.

It is not just the humans who are pushing this agenda, there are insidious entities, conspiring with those 1% elites, and these entities, are in it for control, of your soul.

This current battle is and has been going on for thousands of years, it is deep seated in occultisms, expressly the darker side. Now if you really do delve deep enough, you will see this. I am led to believe this has happened before, past civilizations have faced similar issues and in some cases completely disappeared. Their knowledge has been suppressed for nefarious purposes. We have always had the ability to heal many ailments but big pharma and govt handouts have stopped these from coming to fruition, all for the sake of money. There are ways to heal via frequency to name just one, there are natural remedies being suppressed because it would cost big companies many millions.

There is free energy available, that is more viable than the world destroying things we see today. Our history as we are taught is a complete farce, our universe as we are told is far more alive than is let on, along with the ability to warp time and space, to open alternate dimensions, portals, alternate timelines, time travel the list is endless.

Anyway, my point is, that we as a species, have now come to a cross road. Not just for our physicals being but also and more importantly, we have come to a point of realization about our connections, with not only others but also our connectedness to source. If we do not stand in our true light and being, then I feel we will be lost forever, like the civilizations past. We will be led to our own demise, through the herd mentality that pervades our society, via persistent psychological warfare, pharma meds designed to keep you placid and incoherent on so many levels, this includes alcohol.

They have been poisoning your mind, the air, your food, your body and disconnecting you from your soul, for centuries. Think about that for a minute, GMO’s, DNA manipulation, lies about food scarcity, lies about what is good for you, forced media manipulation, subliminal messages everywhere, symbolism, pushing sexual agendas, racial discriminations, the list just goes on forever. They lie about everything and anything that could possibly move their agenda into fruition. Unlawful laws, taxes, manipulating stocks and shares, manipulating history, destroying those who speak the truth, endless forms of child abuse, medical experimentations, seriously this all needs to be put to an end, very soon.

Lets think, lets deduce what is reality and what is not, what is healthy for us and particularly our children. Be pro-active, and stand for disclosure of all the suppressed tech etc etc. It will make life here much better for all, it will leave you in a more natural state of being, it will allow for all species of plant and animal to co-exist in a more harmonious state and keep you more InTouch with your souls purpose.

There is much to unlearn and even more to learn, once you remove the veils that have restricted you for centuries. The two most important things you should be asking yourself are, Can you tell your children, I did everything I could to keep you safe ? Did you stand in your true self and knowing, for what was right, honest and truthful ? Don’t be a part of a herd being led to slaughter. If ever there was a time to open your mind, eyes, ears and heart, now is it, you are here for a purpose, don’t waste this opportunity that is now at your doorstep, to further your souls purpose and help collectively remove the negativity, that has suppressed the advancement of soul being humans and this planet, for centuries, it’s time to be what you are not what they have led you to believe you are, stand in your power, for you are a co-creator in this reality.

Other side of fear.


•March 8, 2021 • 1 Comment

Still here good.

This will be the final part in this series. It will include the conclusion and the last part of the Media section. Once more I will try to keep this as short as possible. I hope you are enjoying this and it’s making you look at the world in a different way, maybe even getting you to look outside the box and doing some research, into truths that are being hidden from you.

Which leads us into, social media. Which for all intents and purposes was generally, for people to be able to interact with one another, especially when separated by distance or work hours. Because we work more now, than we used to, in order to support ourselves, in an ever increasing, tax based and minimum wage society, where both parents now need to work but that is another story isn’t it. Getting back to this Social media, look at FB in particular or Twitter, their policing policies and fact checkers are there to supposedly keep thing on a level playing field. While I agree certain things should not be permitted, hate speech, abusive behavior, stalking. We need to draw a line between what is factual and what is not. Nowadays it seem you cannot post factuality on these platforms, as their policies and fact checkers appear to be working towards an agenda, particularly of late, that does not fit with what is really going on. I meant to say, I have seen reputable DR’s, Scientists, investigative reporters, getting banned, presidents included, for stating fact. How is this social conditioning, well if only certain things are allowed and factuality is not one of them, then it is basically setting up another form of social conditioning, not to mention taking away our right to free speech.

Moving right along, Advertising media, the trend setter in a lot of ways. I’m talking glossy mags probably more than anything else here. Having said that though, advertising in general does set social conditioning in so many ways, what we eat, how we dress, where we go, what we listen to, how we interact, what we buy, how we see others, how our bodies should be, things that are supposedly good for us and what is not, what general medications we use, who did what to who, I could go on for ever, with just this one but you get my point. If you remember I intimated such, in part 1. The more something is in your face the more likely you are to be manipulated towards it, this truth is in conjunct with all forms of media. Because we are more easily coerced visually as a population, along with peer group pressure.

Now I’m not saying that media in it’s day has not been beneficial, as it has been, more so in the past rather than the present. Helping us to connect in ways we never could, passing on of information and ideas, opening us up to a more expressive ways of communicating and interacting with our fellow man. Allowing for a coming together of like minds, like never before, giving us the opportunity for a more diverse understanding of others and so much more, it’s just a shame that it has been utilized as one of the major forms of social conditioning, when it could have been a platform for so much more.

The manipulation, via social conditioning in all it’s forms, has seen a rise in, violence, sexual abuse, child abuse, segregation by race, beliefs, minority groups, persecution of the afore mentioned, proliferation of false or misleading information, fanaticism and of wars and these are just a few examples or what social conditioning has achieved. On a grander scale creating, us and them scenarios, complete and utterly deplorable Social conditioning on a huge scale, globally, to the point of Orwellian design, 1984, Hunger games, the matrix, all seem to be closer to the truth of where these systems want us headed. Social conditioning, sets, personal beliefs, community standards, collective mindsets in turn. In these times, it allows the manipulation of the mindset on a very grand scale globally, just look at what the conditioning is doing right now. Lockdowns for a flu, Vaccines that are portrayed as being safe, fear of what could happen to you as an individual and as a community, including globally. What if any thing, should or could be done. Well, firstly I would consider, not allowing the monopolization of anything, lets face it, with diversity comes a better opportunity for growth in so many ways. How about allowing the truth and correct reporting of factual information, opening up free speech again, which would allow for a more cohesive society and greater expansion of expression.

How about, we stop the coercion via monetary rewards, thereby putting an end to the proliferation of lying sacks of shit, pushing agendas for profit. How about, if we must have some form of Govt, then at least make it, so they are there for the people and not multinational companies, which seems to be the case. How about a school curriculum, particularly in the years from grade 1-7 that actually teach some proper life skills, along with many other aspects, that should be in the system. I mean, to be able to change, something like social conditioning, into a more open minded, truthful, exploratory and expansive scenario. Surely that would lead us away from what we see today, into a more cohesive, honest, open minded, understanding and progressive world for all, It would at the very least save our children, from being corrupted into believing false ideals and scenarios, that seem to be perpetuating a system, designed for a slave mentality, corruption on a grand scale, hidden tech, researching based on profit, instead of usefulness to the globe. If we as a collective, don’t come together soon, as a cohesive group and put a stop to it, we will be, either in a global genocidal scenario or a slave construct (which we appear to be very close to anyway). As I have said before, we have reached this situation, because we have become, cognitively dissident as a whole. Some are standing in truth and trying to awaken those who are still asleep, so to speak. Those who are awake, because of the social conditioning, are now seen as radical’s, only because, social conditioning has made the people see it that way. It is a watershed moment we are facing, here and now, not just for our physical well being but also our souls, well being, as a collective we could be so much more, by simply changing, social conditioning and making it actually factual and useful, instead of destructive.

Here we are, at the end of my thoughts, did you read it all the way ? Has it made you consider, what is really happening? Has it made you think at the least ? I hope it has. I live in hope that, the world will change but for the better instead of where we are going at the moment. If it doesn’t, I will see you on the other side, getting ready for, a re-run, we will get it right. Once again thank you if you made it this far, stand tall in yourself, stand in truth, stand for what is right.


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Well if your still here, after part 1, I’m glad :). Thank you.

I’m quite sure that most of this is probably already known by the majority of people. But I feel it is required, particularly in these times and a need to get it out of my head. Once more I hope you find this useful, or eye opening. It will, if nothing else, create some controversy, between myself and those that continue reading. It will make you question what you do and make you ask and or look deeper into what has already been stated, by myself and many learned scholars. Once more, I will state 2 things. This is not an in-depth expose and was never meant to be, secondly, things stated here are, just my observations and opinions.

Shal we continue? oh hell yes !

This will be the biggest section, as it has to incorporate so much, under a single title and should be considered the major social conditioner of all, I will try to keep it as minimalistic as possible. Obviously because of this, it will not cover all forms of social conditioning.

Okay then, here we go. Media, there are many types of media, that I would consider to be types of social conditioning and to a degree, Music should be included here, in my opinion. Particularly since we now have video attached to songs. The others would be, Social Media, as in things like, FB, Instagram, Twitter etc. etc. World News media, especially. I would also consider Movies, in this category and place Cartoons as a part of movies. Lastly, books and or literature. There are of course major differences between all of these, including what could be called hard copy, as in something you can handle or place somewhere for later and what I call soft copies, as in what you find on your internet and TV. I would consider TV as a form of media but for the sake of this and to keep it as short and precise as possible, I will include it as a universal type. Which can and is utilized by all forms of media for conditioning of the population. I realize it should stand alone, as it has become probably the most influential, in terms of social conditioning and will probably touch lightly upon it, in these sections, simply because of the way it has been integrated for so many forms of media.

So how are all of these, social conditioning the populous, I hear you ask. There are once again many ways, which I will attempt to explain, as simply and precisely as possible. Let me also state here that, it has crossovers, hence why I have included only a few, of the so many forms of media. Let us look at Movies first, Movies are and have been a great way of social conditioning. Particularly Cartoons for early childhood and Movies for adults. While not seen by many, symbolism once more plays a large role, Particularly in this area. Now if you remember what I stated about symbolism, you will understand. Add to this the sublimation of a false reality and subliminal suggestions. To some degree this could include documentaries, particularly those representing Global companies or agendas.

You are being subconsciously manipulated into believing that it is normal for, abuse, killing, smoking, drinking, driving like a maniac and many aspects of what are considered abhorrent or unacceptable, to a stable mind. Think about it, regardless of how a Movie and or Cartoon is labeled, it will always have, some aspects of these, included in them and the proliferation of, seems to come at regular intervals. You don’t see many factual representations in movies, let alone cartoons and what ever happened to a real romantic movie, devoid of propaganda scenarios. They are progressively becoming more sexual, war, abusive, us against them, orientated and the list continues. Thereby conditioning the mind, to accept these as being acceptable, social behavior’s. Now, Cartoons create an early stage of mental conditioning, particularly for the more supple minds, of our children in particular. With not only the afore mentioned but also including, especially recently, more openly, acceptable sexual behavior and the incorporation of subluminals. Children are very susceptible to mind manipulations because they can’t differentiate as easily, between fantasy and reality, they think that what they see, is and can be done physically. Add once more the hidden symbolisms found, particularly in Cartoons and you are socially conditioning them, to believe that it’s ok to be, act-out and or replicate this in real life. Movies do a similar scenario for adults, albeit with more subtlety. They get us in a few ways, appealing to our sense of humor, rebellion, fantasy mind sets, etc. And all include some form of music, in order to set the scene, usually pop music as well as advertising. They have also been said to show, what and where they (the controllers), wish to go, in the real world.

Music, on the other hand is not quite so subtle as you may think. Words and images depicting what is, particularly of late, sexually orientated, or even gangster scenarios, the extreme of incorporating, symbolisms associated with the illuminate, particularly in their videos. Because of the repetitious playing of, once more it acclimatizes people into believing it to be acceptable. I will explain, very quickly. Look at how people dress now in these videos, you will see it replicated in society, the way we talk and interactions between male and female, particularly in the younger sexually active age groups. Which I might add, progressively seems to be getting younger and younger and lets face it, we all want to be like our idols, or people we look up to, to some degree, particularly when it allows you to fit in. We try to replicate what we see, hear and or feel as being good. Music, has such an appeal to us in so many ways, it connects us with what we would call, recollections of good and bad times, that have come to pass in our lives but it also connects us to it via the beat, a subconscious tribal sense if you will. Allowing it to impact upon us in an emotional sense, trying to be a part of a certain social group as well as a tribal one, the words can even make us feel a deeper connection with the performer.

Once again don’t get me wrong, what is it they say, “music makes the world go round” and I personally, love music in the majority of it’s forms, I can relax to it, sing along with it, it brings up a melancholy at times, it can pump me up, it affects most people in a similar way I’m sure. So once more you can see how affective it can be, in a multitude of scenarios because it creates a connection very easily.

News media, plays a different role, they will only report something that has a wow factor, particularly if it can be altered to suit said agendas. It has become overly invasive, to the point where it is extremely hard to get away from. Now, News used to report factual information, reporters actually investigated and reported their investigations. Yes they really were investigative journalists in the days gone by but don’t expect that from the mainstream media anymore. If you want that real factual news, you will have to find it in a non commercial product. Essentially nowadays because it has been monopolized, the news media will not report, actual, factual news, it will however, make it seem as if they are but really, what it does now, is pushes agendas for the ruling elite. It sets a narrative of where and what they want people to believe. It is drummed into you on so many channels and for so many hours it becomes harder to escape. Once again impacting us emotionally by design in order to, particularly of late, create a sense of fear or trepidation ( I would love to drop some truth bombs here), how often do you see a feel good story on there, very rarely, why, because you can’t sensationalize it. It is unfortunate that it is being utilized in such a way, especially when it should be what it is supposed to represent, good investigative journalism, factual, regardless of who is involved. News used to be a gateway for people to be able to have an opinion based on factual truths, thereby allowing, true and correct justice to be served and seen as being served.

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