The 13th sign in astrology

Just a quick one, that I have been pondering on for some years now, having done some light study into astrology as well as numerology ( not relevant here, unless you want to look it up, with regards to the relevant numerologics of the stars, etc) and I wonder, why not have the 13th sign ?

Back many years ago, there were 13 signs and the 13th sign scensario was reintoduced back in 1982 I believe. Not that many astrologists follow it or believe it to be true. There is huge conjecture over it, in the relative circles. But I think that’s because of the indoctrination, of the 12 symbol set.

Now, obviously that would change everybodys astral house sign, or sun sign. I personaly think it should be included, it was around for many centuries before and obviously related to cyclic periods many years ago.

After having looked at the attributes of my own, I can honestly say, it sits rather well and much better than the 12 sign scenario.

That’s not saying that, some of the 12 sign scenario doesn’t, I have just found that, it seems to fill holes,, that were otherwise lacking in the 12 situation.

I have borrowed an image from here to show the 13 sign arrangment, dates, relationships to the element and ruling planets.

I hope you find this as interesting as I did and consider the difference, for me once again, it seems to fit much better.

Why not look up the difference and see how you feel about this. I myself, have gone from Sagittarius, to Ophiuchus.

What do you think ? Does it fit better for you, than the 12sign scenario, or do you seem to take traits from both ? Do you think we should stay with the 12 signs or not ?

I would love to know your opinion.


~ by white owl on March 19, 2023.

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