Two years down the track

Well here we are just a few years down the track of what has been a very tumultuos few years to say the least.

There is so much I could put here but am restricted, by those who shall remain nameless, for obvious and nepharious reasons, they ellicit lies and suppress truths. I will do my best to express, the truth, without hopefully crossing too many of these.

We have seen well respected people loose their titles and positions, for simply stating the truth, all the while those who were telling lies, pocketed billions, at the expence of so many blind people, who believed in a cure!

We have seen wars, created from nothing, in a bid for the world bank to launder money to other countries un-noticed, to people who remain nameless. The cost of living has risen by a fanominal amount, while wage earners have been hung out to dry and our govt officials, pocketed another few substantial pay rises (subsidised by the wage earners) and gained more perks. Fuel costs have risen, even though the barrel cost, was at an all time low, while creating a shortage that doesn’t really exist, food cost have risen expenencially, due to said fuel cost rises and state lockdowns, due to an unproven scenario.

Digital everything is being pushed, digital id’s, digital currencies, digital passports, all designed to cover every angle of your exsistence, to bring us into a forced conformity, a total control system and all by design, everything.

We are seeing multi bilionaires, blowing big bucks on unrealistick scenarios and yet, nothing, is going to help those that need it most!

Climate change being pushed ( another psyop), to bring in things like electric cars, with the ability to be driverless. At the cost to the enviroment, all the while being toted as the saviour. Plastic being banned ( a good thing imho) but at the expence of more trees being felled to prop up the greater need for paper. Why are we not utilizing hemp, such an under-rated product, with so many uses, in our society. Solar this, electric that, have these people ever lived in the real world and seen what this does ?

To our planet, flora and fauna, to the people, who are forced into a slave system, to produce said products, (in some cases dying at such young ages) and our survival, as human beings!

We are seeing more and more lab created foods being produced, that really have nothing to do with nutritional value to the body and you have to ask yourself, what is it going to do to my body! GMO’s being hidden with new words every time someone figures out what it really is. All the while, trying to erradicate natural healthy foods, lifestyles and medicines.

Big Pharma has a lot to answer for, along with the global banking system and what is toted as social media platforms ( policed with controlled scenarios), and lastly but not least our global media and teaching systems. When you start to look into and consider who, what and why, the rabbit hole looks more like a cavernous ravine, full of every possible thing you would consider appauling.

Yet it is controlled by so few. The power is immense because of seggregational departmentalization, building an unrecognisable link between each, from an individuals perspective.

Basically the left doesn’t know what the right is doing, let alone what the center and or outside are, such conveluted and depraved, control from above, that will stop at nothing to achieve it’s goal. Murder , genocide, untested dna manipulation, mental manipulation (Psyops), false flag events, are not outside, the realms of reality for them.

This world has gone from the laughable to the sublimly rediculous and all in the span of just a few years.

So much has been lost, by so many, to so few!

Here we are, at the starting piont, almost, of a new year. Let us hope that we have learned from our mistakes of this last year.

Let us hope, that enough eyes have been opened, that those who have lost so much, may begin to repair and recover from them. That enough truth has seeped through the cracks, to make the changes, that will remove this parasitic embolism or at least take control of it, for the good of the many instead of the few, that we refuse to assimilate into a complete transhumanisitic, one world govt, control mechanism.

I wish us luck !

May we always find the light, amongst the darkness.


~ by white owl on December 31, 2022.

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