Doing and being.

It has been quite a while since my last post, I apologize for that.

Life has been rather hectic in may ways, as I’m sure it has been for many, especially in the last year or two.

It has been a time of being and doing, finding ones self, being for others and doing for self.

We all do this, some to a greater degree than others. This does not make them lesser or greater, for they are on their own journey, of their reality perception.

Many things have been taken and some lost, we have made what we see before ourselves, remember.

Find that within yourself, the spark that lights your way, the thing that makes you shine and be the true you.

You are and always will be, a creator, you are also, a co- creator.

When you are this, you are being, which allows you to do, the doing( couldn’t think of a better way to explain that part). Creating the connection with others who are being and doing, for the same reasons and coming from love and respect, with a belief in who and what you all are. That connection and the coming together, changes the vibratory fields of the universe. Creating in the physical.

Alone, as the creator being that you are, the reality you experience is, of your own doing. Remember where you come from and what you are. Create through your doing and being, create that from your inner being, your truth, live in a positive mind state. That doesn’t mean that the outside world won’t have effect on you, because it will. But as the old saying goes, “behind every cloud there is a silver lining” if you look at it from the knowing of what we as a collective and we as an individual have created, there is always a reason and an understanding, the question is, can you see and or find it. It is there always.

Do not worry, if yo feel you have “lost the connection” it is just a transition, it too is always there, sometimes we have to dig a little deeper.

I suppose the message here is, Remember, remember who and currently what, you are. Does that need to change in order to find you again, or is it just a resting period. We cannot always be perfectly true to self as the reality in which we live, currently, would never allow it, we have glimpses, moments.

These glimpses and moments should be treasured, they are the windows to the soul, the true you, not the perception that the reality has put upon you, remember.

Being able to utilize the connection between being and doing from love, compassion, respect and a willingness to learn and change, (we advance in essence) we become that which we project, in that projection we create, either as a unified energy or an individual one, the reality we perceive before us. How we interact with it, then creates the next moment, the next reality, the next hurdle or the next goal.

It is important to remember we are physical, projecting and absorbing, energy, our energy and others. We create and draw to us, the energy we emit,( remember energy creates the reality), so I would say and believe, that what you give you will receive. Remember who and what you are and ask yourself, am I being and doing from my true self, with that love, respect, compassion, for myself and others or am I just doing and not being.

I hope that makes sense to you as much as it does to me.

Important note…We are all one but we are also individual aspects of one, be true to you and you will have.

Coming from love and respect for all.

White owl

~ by white owl on October 6, 2021.

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