In the begining

This is the starting point of a concept of imagination, perception, intuition, combined with life experience as it progresses.

It is all about realities, individual as well as unified, not only within this realm but hopefully taking into account other dimensional realities that co exist with us, the human being.

Things that I hope to cover and attempt to explain in a layman’s way, so as to be easier to digest a philosophy concept of reality. It may not be precise in its make up but hopefully will open the mind to a greater tomorrow.

* What is the human being?

* What is its purpose?

* What can we learn in the process?

* What impact does this being have on the planet?

* Consideration of alternate realities.

* Control, whether to be or not and at what cost.

* Where are we as a species headed.

* Ideas for meditation, relaxation and balance within.

* Alternative concepts to acceptance.

This will be snippets of a book I am in the progress of writing, I hope it will be of  some use and I am sure that much of it has been said before.

It will be my interpreted concept of what I believe is truth within my personal reality, from what I have read, learned and experienced, with a hope that it wont upset anybody in the process of  being their own person, that is not my intent, but I am sure not all will agree with my philosophy.

My intention is to open the mind of those who wish to accept what is written here.

Also to be able to pass on to my children a little of me and how I see things,  so that they too can understand the craziness that I see pervading  society, turning soul beings into automated unthinking robots to be controlled by those who do not have the best in mind for them as individuals or as a society. Whether that be community or globally.

My, I didn’t mean to get carried away there!

Anyway this is what is in-store from me, may it serves its purpose.

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~ by white owl on February 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “In the begining”

  1. Brilliant start to what I’m certain will become a highlight to my Blog roll. This sounds as though it will contain potent learnings from an intelectual mind, experience on subjects that could only be known by a very well lived individual… Looking forward to more.


    • I am pleased you believe this will be a highlight.
      Thank you for your inspiration and recognition, I hope I can live up to these expectations.
      And may your ventures also be seen as enlightening, I am looking forward to your animated short film.
      Love and enlightenment.


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