All things have energy, we shape energy with our minds into what we perceive as  our reality.

Everything is alive, moving, in motion constantly, even when it appears to be still or inanimate it is still in motion.

With our mental faculty, we can if we choose, manipulate this energy within our own being.

We can transform, if we have understanding of the principles and the necessity for that change, but it must be within our own truth in order to be able to do this.

We must have the acceptance of the ability as well as the wisdom, within our soul and it must be combined with the physical beings mental capacity for change.

It is not a case of ” I want it, so therefore it must happen, the way I want it too! “.

Because of the a fore  mentioned concept we create within our being things that harm the physical, via the minds influence over the body physical, because it is not a truth of the soul beings knowledge.( That being universal in all aspects)

Always remember that there must be a balance of both good and bad, for that is a universal truth one cannot exist with out the other.

Also bear in mind that what we do, either mental ,spoken or physical creates an energy, that irradiates from our being and can be felt by by all.

You may not realize why you feel a certain way about some one, they give off a vibration. This is energy transference a very unique way of communicating, that has been lost or misrepresented as something it is not, it is a basic communication available to all who accept it as a truth no matter how small a part of it,  it is an innate ability within all beings.

It is a part  of being connected to the universal collective,  so always be aware that even the smallest of things can have a far greater impact than you may think at the time.

Much like the ripple effect on the pond, the perception is that it ends once it touches the land or expires in its velocity, energy does not have a velocity in that sense, it is a universal and therefore that ripple becomes universal it will affect all in some way or another. Now from that we can expand into alternate realities, as they too are interconnected with the same basic energy. You see where I’m going here ?

More to  come later, I hope you have enjoyed this little concept from my personal reality.

~ by white owl on February 10, 2011.

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