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Meditation, is a way to move the limiters, both physical and mental. As it expands the mind, releases the body physical and thereby allowing for flow of chakra.

Chakra,helps to expand the mind as well as revitalize the physical as it is an energy that comes from the source of truth.

It is in essence an energy from the cycling of all soul beings, that can be tapped into and utilized by the soul being human in the physical in this case.

The amount of chakra flow is defendant upon, acceptance and soul knowledge available to the being.

The greater the acceptance, the greater the expansion and healing abilities that can be held within the soul being human.

I believe this of course does not mean all limiters can be removed in a single life time, not without consequence to the physical being on many levels.

I also believe, that there are currently nine chakra that are now available to us, also as we become more enlightened we can tap into more of these, that will allow us to move to alternate realities.

Meditation also allows for greater expression of the soul, within the being and can be felt by others, as in “what a beautiful energy that person has”.

~ by white owl on February 12, 2011.

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