With thought processing at an individual level, as well as for the collective soul .

Everyone  would be  in the same soul space, evolutionary , in the sense that all would have a responsibility for the good of all within that reality, as well as outside of it, at its basis.

If so, no, one, would be greater than another, conflict would only be because of the individuals  soul evolutionary acceptance into that physicals being, rather than ego orientated.

No  compensation would be required, of any kind, for you would be doing it from the soul being, rather than the physical head.

Balance would be preserved, in all areas.

Evolution of the collective soul would  be much faster and expansive, that would  be replicated in the physical being, as well as universally in all dimensional realities.

~ by white owl on February 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Thought”

  1. Brilliant.Wonderful theory..but too good to be true in this day and age.
    Man may not be quite evolved enough just yet..
    It would be heaven on earth,
    However what a great learning curve this thing called life is?
    I would`nt want to be anywhere else at this time.. blessings to you White Owl..


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