NDE/The Prismatic Universal/Alternate realities

Energies,thought,words,actions, everything that is you is reflected to others in one form or another and is felt in varying ways.
It all exists in an alternate reality,the universal prism,where all is as one and one is with all, all at that same instant of recognition.
Collapsing and absorbing, expanding and enlightening and all the while adding to your personal reality, as a physical,thinking being, all of it in a representational form for you to understand.While within this reality, time concept is nonexistent physical is nonexistent,reality as you know it is not there.
Prismatic in the sense that it reflects all, no matter where you are within it, everything that is, is there,everything that is yet to be (possibilities/probabilities)
is also there.
In a never ending expanse of love,peace,harmony,acceptance all these things that are within the physical,regardless of whether sentient or not,exist within this realm,higher energy vibrations also live within this realm,(Spirit,Gods etc)you are now aware of the immortal you,your soul being.
What could take a lifetime to learn is done in a millisecond,
The whole concept of what is, is taken in, in what could be conceived as the blink of an eye.
You can communicate but not with words,energy is the language,pure energy…………

~ by white owl on February 15, 2011.

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