Destiny’s path

This then creates even more stress for the soul and the physical for they know there is not truth yet they cannot see past the illusionary concept of what has been transferred in order to rectify this, only by the re integrations of the two to work in unity once again can one see the discrepancy.
It is usually the ego that creates the untruths, for the ego does not accept responsibility, for it cannot be wrong. Just ask it!
The point is that we are less in control of our destiny than ever before and the longer we allow these untruths to pervade our societies the more they become instilled within, the harder they become to repress and or accept for what they are. Which in turn creates more unease for the soul as well as the physical mind, to accept the reality that is being enforced not from truth.
While we allow for misrepresentation of this reality there will be no unison as it cannot be in truth, this is a reality.
Lies, deceit, anger, ego etc all these things are of the physical, they are here because we propagate them, within our children who then in turn do the same to their siblings (replication).
It will be in the breaking of these untruths that we as a species shall move into a positive replication.
We have amongst us particularly in the younger generation, a greater understanding of the ultimate truths, but they where not truly aware or prepared for the density and amount of degradation that is here. This is also why so many leave at such young ages, either through war, drugs, abuse etc, as this is a very harsh and dense reality, it not only impacts onto the physical it also impacts on the soul.

There are many scriptures and teachings that have come at different times, they where sent so as to add to this reality and the ability to perceive our selves as more than just the physical entity, that so many would have you believe we are.
Over time and through interpretations of what could not be explained in a reasonable way at the time, there is of course the rare exception to the rule.
Misrepresentation of what was trying to be passed to us, has led to much of the unrest and negativity that we see today.

As a whole, it is more to do with the stewardship of this planet and its inhabitants, be they great or small seen or unseen, it is ultimately upon us to see to it, that the Eden that once was, remains the Eden it was meant to be.
This is where acceptance of responsibility comes in and also will be reflected outwards for all the universes to see, for it will replicate, from us into the universal.

~ by white owl on February 22, 2011.

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