The good and Bad

Like everything in life, good things come from good actions.
The same applies to spiritual growth, think of it like a farmer or a fire.
The ground work is done in the conception, this is the foundation, from there it will depend on how you till the ground or the wood you have collected, these become your fuel to achieve the goals once set.
The better the wood the better the fire like wise the better the soil preparation and storage of fertilizers etc the better the result will be.
It is important to have a backup supply of these, one so as to have something to fall back on, like an incentive for continuation.
Also sometimes, it is a requirement that others help with the works in progress, so you should have people you know you can trust and rely upon, much like the field workers or fire stokers.
The eventual outcome will always be reliant upon what you have put into it to start with, which to me means being realistic about the task attempted.
There would be no point in attempting to plow 20 acres when only 5 is available, likewise there would be no point in attempting to create a 20 ft fire when there is only enough wood to make one 3 ft tall.
If you believe in what you attempt to do and hold that within with the realistic goals, you cannot fail in what you do and you will become as I have stated will depend upon the fuels utilized always the better the fuels the better the outcome will be, utilization of fuels that give short term bursts but dwindle fast will serve no purpose other than to make more work for you and your com-padres.
Another thing that will come from utilization of good fuels is that like a wild fire, it will spread to the helpers, in-turn helping them also and expanding the energy you have originally created.
Just stay focused, stay in truth and do it for the good of all, not just for ones self at the expense of others.
Trust in your inner being and you will attain the goal.

~ by white owl on May 1, 2011.

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