Money, resources and the world

Just a thought,
The world, is resurrect-able but only when man can work with nature, rather than against it.
Forget about money, it is designed to keep you in a system, whereby you can be manipulated by a select few, who are only thinking of themselves and their future dollar.
They are not thinking of the planet as a whole or humanity, generally.
There are of course some exceptions to the rule.
Of course at this point in time, money, unfortunately is the main control mechanism for societal stimulus as well as its overall stability and ability to get along.
Some points that are concurrent with the monetary system.
Those that have it, will not recognize those that do not, as being anything other than resources to be exploited.
The more you have it, the more you need it.
There will always be a shortage of money, world wide ( this is a control system set up by the money people etc).
Over time money depreciates. ( sounds crazy but what could you buy even 2 months ago that has not gone up in price).
Money is related to resources, in a big way.
Resources are becoming more scarce, hence a need by the money people to take control of these resources, via any means they can.
Money buys peoples loyalty ( particularly the higher up you go ).
Money creates greed.
Money is really only a quick fix scenario, when it comes to world problems.
Money is the biggest creator of segregation in society.
Money will buy you anything ( an example, look at the policy’s that get passed for the big corporate bodies at the expense of the planet)
Money can buy you exemption from prosecution, in some countries and even in the corporate fields. ( an example would be the major cover ups that occur over the loss of lively hood, health and many other things, that have stemmed from the oil spills and not just B.P. there are too many to mention that get away with what I would consider murder to a degree ).

I don’t know about you but I think that it’s time the almighty dollar, finally took its rightful place on the scrap heap, it seems to cause so much angst in society and on so many levels.
What does it really do ?
Other than create a global society of indoctrinated people to strive for that which is ultimately unattainable, generally at the cost of our planet earth or the people that reside upon it, not much.
What could take its place?
At this point in time because of the insidious, hypocrisy that would go with the loss of it, probably not much but I’m sure that the old systems of a barter scenario would be more beneficial to people and the world as a whole.
Because it would mean people would have to interact with one another, this in turn would also create a comradeship, that would be felt world wide and not at the cost of precious world resources that we all depend upon for our own survival.Just to add to this, it would also mean, that you wouldn’t have to do a job that you disliked, just for the recognition and monetary recompense in order to create the exclusionary scenario of I’m higher on the food chain or better off than so and so.
I also think it would cause an upsurge in more viable, ecological solutions to our global shortages, pollution, starvation, disease and many other scenario’s that are facing the world today.
It would re strengthen the family bonds that are very rapidly disappearing, create a communal spirit and on a global scale a more friendly world society.

These are just some of the reasons, why I believe, that the monetary system should come to an end, sooner rather than later.

~ by white owl on May 26, 2011.

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