Just to clarify on drug posts

I thought it was best, *(after being pointed out, that some of my posts on drugs and reform, apparently make me look like “a drug crazed hippie”)
to add this statement re drug use and abuse and any post that may be put here regarding such substances.

1:- I do not condone the abuse of drugs by unqualified persons.
2:- My posts are generally from either a shamans or medical perspective.
3:- Yes I have utilized many but under correct supervision and am aware of the complications that may arise and the effects when utilized correctly.
4:- I am a shaman.
5:- Some drugs, should not be available to the general public.
6:- Deregulation of what I call soft drugs, I feel would be of benefit to the whole world.
7:- Alcohol is worse than most of them.
8:- Some of the soft drugs, I think would also solve a lot of the crisis’s faced today, regarding shortages of produce, sustainability of ecosystems, food sources and less carcinogenic drugs( more natural, the way it was meant to be).
9:- I am not saying, that it is okay to utilize them.
10:- I am not saying, self medicate with them.
11:- I am not saying, that the regular prescription drugs don’t need to be there.

I hope this will clarify some of my standings on these subjects, as I do not wish to be seen as the above statement *

~ by white owl on June 5, 2011.

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