Of Mortal Men

Sacred Lotus

Love, what a tirade of emotions can run from it.
You can be filled with joy, hope and many uplifting feelings, that run so deep.
You can get caught up in all the senses,sometimes individually and at others all at once.
When it catches you, just the smell, a smile a simple caress means so much more than words can explain.
It’s like being alive totally, in touch as a single entity with that special person and the universe all at once.
Everything is coming from the most purest and positive energy source, designed to enlighten, enliven and enthuse the whole.
It permeates every pore every atom of your being, you suddenly realize that nothing is impossible when you are together in mind, it becomes even stronger when you are together physically.
Everything suddenly has new meaning, new hope, new ideals, its like the opening of the lotus blossom, that has worked its way relentlessly through the murk and mire, survived the harsh realities, to be born.
Spreading your petals, aroma and energy for the good of all, in the hope that all, may find such great joy as you have found.
This sublime bliss, above the mire of reality, you are able to see the world in a different light, a new joined passion of unity arises for you both.
But should it turn, for what ever reason, it is as if the light goes out, the hope is lost.
All of a sudden what was seems to be an intangible.
Then you find, in that loss that the mire you once utilized now has a relentless grip, pulling you back down, below the surface as if to suffocate and destroy you.
Piece by piece you see, that sublime reality disappearing from view.
You begin to question Why ? What was it? Did it have to be this way?
Yet, in your heart, even though it bleeds a seemingly endless stream of tears, you know the truth.
It was only for the moment, not the eternity you had once hoped it would be.
As time goes by, the mire seems to clear, you finally let go of the pearl essence you once held so dear, it is still there but in a different place now.
You have scrutinized and correlated until you can do no more, for it makes no sense.
You begin, once more you quest, for the elusive, that epitome once felt still lingers.
Now there you are, once more, unknown to you for you where not looking.
The flower that once was you has risen once more from the mire, with a new scent and color, a new vigor.
One that could not have been without the shedding of the skin.
Arise and shine, send forth your sweet scent of intoxication, let your colors glow with new radiance, new hopes.
You reach out and touch all who would care to notice your true beauty, that has once more arisen from the places unseen.
And there it is, a new glimmer of that feeling once more, your heart races, your head spins, you are intoxicated once more, you are free once more the boundaries of mortal men.

~ by white owl on June 19, 2011.

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