Okay, so having said there are nine charkra, there are three states of being and three primal protective bodies.
The three states of being are mental, spiritual, soul.
The soul contains all that is you, from the primordial essence of you then added to that, every existence you have ever had, as well as a portion of the parentals souls that brought you into the worlds. this is also what makes you individual as a soul.
The soul also contains the ego, which creates pride.
Mind is the intelligence of the soul.
Charkra are different levels of the soul.
The spirit is connected to the soul in that of the physical realms ie the body or vehicle.
All charkra are connected but act differently on the physical as well as the soul through the mind and spirit.
Healing is primarily done in the Etheric,when done via spiritual healing.
This in turn affects the energy of the etheric which impacts on the physical being via the charkra and relative magnetic fields of the three containing bodies.
So what healing does is remove the impurities or negatives from the etheric thereby creating balance and by association affects the physical.

~ by white owl on July 15, 2011.

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