The problem with the world in the last 100 years I believe, is that we have become too complacent.
We have allowed our want for the easy life to rule.
Not thinking about how we get our electricity, our gas, our fuel and all the commodities that make life supposedly, much easier for us as humans.
They say we have progressed past the Neanderthal man and become civilized.
What is civilized? When I look at the world today there seems to be nearly as much unrest between people, nations and even more so with the planet upon which we live.
Why is this so ?
Because in our incessant need for the mod cons, we forget about the impact it is having upon our planet and the stress it creates for those who cannot afford these things.
Also in our ignorance we expect the suppliers of these commodities to be looking after our planet and its people, we don’t seem to care as its out of site out of mind so to speak. Unless it is brought to our attention, usually in a way that requires some kind of deprivation, weather it be on a person level or a planetary one, we choose not to see the greater impact upon health among one of the issues.
It is sad to say we have become complacent in our striving for, the easy life, so long as our immediate needs are met we don’t seem to care about how they are.
We have come to expect that these companies supplying these are looking after the world and its people.
We have lost our way, in our stewardship of our planet and fellow man, simply because we would rather be in a world of immediate gratification, weather self or country, we have lost our way.
In the so called good old days, children where taught respect, they were taught how to spell correctly, they where given moral values.
In our now throw away world, even the people have become redundant. We do not teach our children, the importance of friendship, respect, or even the basic requirements to survive in an ever changing world.
We procreate and expect the system to teach, for we do not have the time we say.
Because we don’t want to make the time, would be a more precise reply to this, because we have come into a world where so much is required in order to stay in the top of your field of expertise, that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find the time as these commodities are costing so much and the wage system is progressively becoming less or is it that these things are now so expensive that it requires more time away from our siblings in order to be in our own personal utopia.
This is degrading our family structures, which in turn breeds disrespect, lust, greed and most of the negative things we see in society today. Add to that our ability to shut out what we do not wish to see , take away our responsibility and place it upon others so we can say it wasn’t our fault and where does that see society going?
I think it is time for people to stand and be counted, if you want something done that you know is in the best interest for all then surely you as a citizen of this planet have a right to make that change happen. There will always be resentment from people who do not wish to change and from the company’s that may have to change in the process but it is our responsibility to see to it that all is done in the best way for not just this generation but have the foresight to look into the future and think of the impacts it could have there also. Time to get past the societal quick fix, band-aid approach and make some real changes that are significant. Ones that will change the face of the world for the better, rather than the ones that will make Joe Blogs a couple of million.
Teach your children what you want them to know, don’t rely upon others, trust me, the majority work for the machine and they do not have individuals interest at heart, they are about the machine only.
Stand for what you know to be right set an example to those who do not know the difference.
Get the companies that are destroying our world, ecosystems, children, etc to rectify their mistakes.
It is only through solidarity, that the people of the world can make the changes that are required, to change this planet from a decaying pile of dirt, back into the garden of utopia for all, that it was meant to be.
The only thing stopping the change is you! the only one who can make the change is you!

~ by white owl on August 15, 2011.

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