A thought

I have recently been watching some things on ancient aliens and was wondering.
Has anyone even given credence to the fact that maybe,just maybe they where seeing future events, rather than things happening in their time?
Or that maybe, these craft they where seeing, where actually time warped from our time now, through the Bermuda Triangle and such places to their time.
I’m not denying the fact that there are Et’s out there or that they may have been that, I mean we cannot possibly be the only sentient being in the universe, it’s
too bigger place and you would have to be pretty small minded to believe we are alone in the cosmos.
I have no doubt that in times past and right up to present day, that ET’s have interacted to some degree or another.
I’m also of the belief that in times past they would have been seen as gods and quite possibly interbred with us, this would explain some of the rather fast advancements made by humankind.
Now if they did this to create a slave race, then it would stand to reason that they would rather we did not have memory of our past of the spiritual beings we are,
there by allowing for easier manipulation.
As for government suppression of facts that are blatantly obvious, what do they hope to achieve? Unless they too are being controlled to some degree and to what end?
Surely it would be in the worlds best interest and universal interest to have interaction with these sentient beings, as I’m sure they would have been past the problems that we as a race are facing today.
Ok so some concepts would be to high for us to grasp correctly, but surely there would be somethings that could be of use to us at the moment, that may end hunger, war, etc etc

~ by white owl on February 5, 2012.

3 Responses to “A thought”

  1. Just to add to this.
    It has to start with us.


  2. Very interesting concept White Owl..
    And totally possible..
    I myself have experienced an ET sighting, but was it in the future, the past or the present?
    What dimension was i in?
    I believed at the time that it was happening then, but …was it a Time Warp..
    and if so Why? one question leads to another, and then another..
    This is one of the fine mysterys of life, and is that the reason to be here and alive now..I believe so…
    All conscousness needs to be raised, to a higher level..
    To enable our planet to survive….
    Keep up the good work.
    Love and Light my friend


    • I believe that it would have been the present and within this dimension,
      a time warp I think would be more indicative of an abduction as time is changed and you are generally brought back to the time that it began of a few minutes afterward.
      Yes I too believe that it is time to awaken the inner being within us all, so that it may show the way to greater acceptance on many levels.
      I live in hope that soon the world and its inhabitants will come to realize that there is more to life than meets the eye.
      There are other dimensions, realities and beings, some are not always helpfull, but in general with practice you can discern between them, if you trust your inner voice.
      Thank you for your comment Celeteone 🙂
      May love and light always be your guide.


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