This Year 2012

Where do I start?
I suppose foremost is, I’m going to Uni for the next 4 years to do a bachelor’s degree in, Behavioral studies with a psychology major, wish me luck 🙂
I think this will be of a great deal of help not only to me but once I have finished, I hope to start a small business and incorporate not only what I have learnt but also to add my spirituality into the mix, which I believe will give a more rounded and complete practice for counseling.

What else do I see for this year?
I hope to sit on a productive circle and meet some interesting people. Within this I am looking forward to finding new things to do with spirit and incorporate them within my future book.

The world this year…..
I think, is in for some very hard times, particularly to do with finance and America.
I see something to do with Egypt but am unsure about what it is exactly.
I also see Syria and or surrounding countries being invaded for want of a better word by America to reclaim its place as the money center.
I also see some rather good advances in the medical field this year, to do with DNA and its use in medicine.
I think there will be an influx of more natural remedies and hopefully an acceptance of certain substances within that for the terminally ill wold wide,
this is of course, so long as Monsanto and it’s subsidiaries (particularly pharma) aren’t allowed to ride shotgun over all the medical and political outcomes.

I also believe that there will be an uprising of the populace about what their governments are up to with regards to the real denial and corruption scenarios,( more so than we are seeing at the moment, with mass demonstrations worldwide) so expect a few high place individuals to be ousted rather abruptly.
Of course within this there will always be those who will slip through and have hidden agendas to bring in what isn’t wanted, so be on guard those that can help with the implementation process.

I also see, for those who are spiritually minded, some big advances in their general contacts with spirit. Hopefully for the betterment of mankind as a whole, but definitely on an personal level, I think we will see more come to the fore within our own social meanderings.

Well that’s my rant for now.
I’m not saying this is all definitive and absolute but I would like to see some of these scenario’s come to fruition, particularly the useful ones and not the (What can only be described as terrorist activities) ones of the US domination scenario. I feel for the poor souls that have to enforce the regime for them on the rest of us.

~ by white owl on February 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “This Year 2012”

  1. Very intuitive..and thought provoking White owl..I can see where you are coming from..The advancement through spirit is certainly accelerating, as more are realising the element of theirr own inner truth.
    In numerology 2012 equates to a number 5, Which represents the centre of the soul `feeling` plane.This number represents love and freedom of expression. Hence people will be seeking their own truth.
    more to follow. love and light, celesteone.


  2. very well said,I agree with all of this…
    in love and light


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