The butterfly

We are, who we are, what we are. We are not what society sees us as, nor what it has lead us to believe, about ourselves.

We, as a species have become more of what we are not, the things  we don’t want to be,  see, feel, express.

We deprive ourselves of our true emotions. Yet our core shines bright.

We  have little empathy for our fellow man, unless it will benefit us, society has taught us this.

Love, trust, truth, our true core emotions are hidden, because of societal indoctrination.

Not only by those around us but also by our own hand, it runs  deep within, we have lost ourselves, yet always there is the spark.

The spark, that  manages to get through, to show itself to the world, allowing you, for that moment to be who you really are.

To feel, to be!

Allow freedom of the soul to express itself, from the place within. There is no greater joy to be had.

Be, in doing this you allow others to be. you find peace within, all the things you want to be, become.

The mind washing,indoctrinations disappear.

You become the individual that resides within.

You become, the closest you can to your true being.

Shinning a light, guiding not only yourself,  in being, creating a space for others to do likewise.

Joining the synchronization of all energy’s as one, moving closer into the collective from which you have separated yourself.

Allowing you to touch that which seemed untouchable, within and without, all with the synchronicity with which you were born and carry within.

The light being, the energy that is you, is released, much like the butterfly, as it emerges from the cocoon to take flight.

The butterfly effect, now is alive because it is recognized, it   has always been there, it was the lack of acceptance that has kept it hidden, for so long.

You are, now more aware of and becoming a part of all that is, was and will be, the true you, that lies within is suddenly free to be.

There is peace within,  peace outside of ones self is found, the unity of all, coalescence and synchronicity, all residing, within every reality at once.

This is you, butterfly, are you ready to leave the cocoon, to spread your wings of love and  beauty for all and fly?

You are free, to be you, when ever you wish to be, you. Dry your wings of  suppression and alight, fly and be free.



~ by white owl on June 6, 2012.

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