The Holographic world

I found this only recently and I have to say, it resonates with what I know and have experienced.

My experience of N.D.E. where I was at one, the original experience was that of darkness and yet a knowing of all that was is and shall be.

Then I had a thought, that created the reality I chose to see in my N.D.E. it was as real as any other, yet it was also unreal.

There was no end to the thought and so it transformed into what I am today.

This through everything else has stuck with me. I still believe in love, trust and honesty and a oneness that is available to all.

As I have stated in past posts, we are all equal, we are all one, we are all a part of the cosmic, it is our personal indoctrinated interpretation of our personal reality that changes and that in turn creates out family reality, which in turn creates a community one and so on. Therefore our thoughts help create our reality, followed by words that reinforce it and actions, that stabilize it into what we see as being real, when really it is nothing more than a thought manifested. Much like my N.D.E. experience.

So having said this, I realize that we, are being controlled, to some degree, by those that would perpetuate this illusion, for what spiritual gain I do not understand but on a  reality based ( all be it false) it is about power over the reality and those that reside within it.

How do we escape this illusion, the best answer I can give is un indoctrinate yourselves, find a peace within, don’t be afraid of the darkness, teach others how to escape the illusion and above all else understand we are all a part of this façade and we all need love trust and honesty in order to escape it.

How do you achieve oneness ? Every indoctrination will have you believe they are the true one, and that it can bring you to salvation, to this I say, do what feels right for you, as there are no hard and fast rules about how to get there. It is your faith in your ability to do so, that will help to achieve this.

Find like-minded people and learn from each other, have an opinion but don’t be opinionated about what is right, for this too will only add to the illusion of separation.

To add to and get back to the original I have added what I believe to be very informative about this subject, take it or leave it, the choice is always yours.

There are many in this series and well worth a watch. There are of course many more out there. I would also suggest a listen to Binaural beats and other associated resonance, I find these do help, as after all we are vibrational.

~ by white owl on February 4, 2014.

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