Surely this is also a spiritual path ?


I have tried to step away from all that is going on in the world today and become more centred.


There is obviously a greater reason I keep getting drawn to these abhorrent behaviours, of those who have the power and resources, yet utilize it for their own gain, with no forethought of what their actions will bring upon our future generations.

It is getting harder to step away from all that is being implemented, upon those who seem to have no voice at all.

These things need to be addressed, particularly when it is being utilized to take us further away from our true spiritual selves. By trying to build a better future for our children, by attempting to stop, the enslavement of our human species, to a system, that is ultimately going to let not only us down, but also all creatures, whether they be animal or vegetable. Surely this too is also a spiritual path, that some must tread ?

I am of the belief, that we, as our childrens mentors, have an obligation to help, not only the children and those without a voice but also the future us, to be able to step into their own light, without the encumbrances that are being placed upon us now, in our physical and spiritual bodies, by those who obviously have no sense of compassion.

I am not about to say fight this with weapons, as this would only support their agenda. I am saying, spread the word of what is going on, not the propaganda that they try to feed us on a daily basis. Research, think, delve into and discover the truth and then, come together and stand for what is right for our future and not the bloated fictitious and erroneous slop they are trying to make you believe.

Surely, this is being a responsible mentor with spiritual aspirations for our future, and planet. Surely this is also being true to our souls purpose as a planetary steward, of the planet upon which we and our future generations will live ?




I believe I am

~ by white owl on March 27, 2014.

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