Release from oppression


I see so much oppression and the let’s fix this and let’s fix that while it is Interesting stuff and is quite applicable to awakening the sheeple. We seem to be missing the main concepts of why we are here, what we are and above all else what we can achieve as a species.

People are so worried about loss of this and loss of that, our thoughts are the basis that creates our reality, therefore it is already in the atmosphere, hence surely it affects us all today, unbeknown to some of the people of the world. All this does is show me that man does not learn from his mistakes and is very complacent when it comes to taking responsibility for his actions and the technology he creates,( which is generally only utilized by the war machine and not to help the general populous). So we want freedom from oppression!

 Well for a start the only good energy in my opinion, is free energy, gathered via more ethical and more sustainable ways. Like, people power, wind turbine, Tesla’s sustainable technologies, hydro and even solar, to name just a few and let’s not forget, eco housing, designed to utilize the earth’s natural energies, in order to replace a lot of what we now rely upon, in order to run the everyday houses and supply our food sources. We see more and more today, that people in general are more reliant upon the money making suppressive types of technologies and are always ready to condemn others who are different. Not to mention allowing ourselves to be drawn deeper into a more repressive society, do you really think things will change if you aren’t prepared to move outside of the system that keeps you so suppressed?

If more people could allow themselves to step outside of the fear, take responsibility for themselves, their actions and thought processes and work together and co-create, as a cooperative community, ie: by working for all, with no need for recompense to one another. There would be a removal of the sense of need, from all of the systems that are in place today, while also removing the slave mentality, that is so prevalent in society today and that keeps us trapped within a world, which relies so heavily upon supremacy and domination, in order to replicate the things that will ultimately destroy us all.

This of course would probably be the hardest task of all, in the release from the machine, simply because the machine has subconsciously implanted the need for dominance over the weaker species into our heads. Unfortunately the innate want for control, now subliminally dominates the brain of the sheeple. This must be put aside, in order for any form of release from the machine, you see, it controls more of our lives than most are prepared to admit. I mean ask yourself, what do I need to survive not what do I want.

Want is ego based need is a requirement.  In simple terms, the less people reliant upon the machine, the less need, for the machine.

Now let me get this straight right away, I’m not talking hippie commune, I’m talking self-reliant cohabitation communities, which strive for the good of all within and without the communities. Therefore working as a collective group, for the good of all at the expense of none, by utilizing the people’s knowledge as a collective to help supply the needs of said community and surrounding, out of love and compassion for ones fellow being and ecology.

 By doing this simple thing, I feel that man can set himself free, in essence. We could still have some of the modern day technologies but they would be less likely to be utilized for war and more likely be utilized, to further man and his ability to cohabitate within his world and yes, even tidy up the mess we have made of it so far.

 When man realises that he is a soul-being, that inhabits this planet and should have compassion and love for all, including the planet and cosmos for that matter, then, there will be a freer and self-reliant world, upon which there would be no need for the sorts of things, we go to war for and feel so suppressed by. So unless we are ready to take responsibility for our actions and by the way we should be!

 And be the way we are meant to be, which is to live in harmony with all that is upon this earth, by becoming a more spiritual loving and compassionate being, which we all innately are. In other words, by removing ourselves from a society that ultimately oppresses our souls need, we can become more of the soul beings that we are meant to be. Unless this is done, then we are ultimately destined to keep repeating that which continues to bring us closer to extinction, as has been seen in so many earlier races that have had technology and disappeared from this planet.

 If you want to be free from this kind of thing (the machine), then show all beings upon this planet, that we are not power hungry junkies with a need for supremacy over our domain and others but are free spirits, that can harmonize with our world and live in a peaceful existence with all. We see from an old Indian proverb what needs to be done.


~ by white owl on April 3, 2014.

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