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We are energy beings,within a physical form while here on this planet. Our vibrational rate is relative to our ascension process, (enlightenment), which in turn is also relative to our acceptance of the reality in which we currently abide as soul being human. We do this in order to experience the physical that would otherwise not be available in our true state of being. ie emotion, ego, pain to name but a few. Apart from being a process in which we as a collective learn as individuals, it also helps us better understand how those, in what could be called the lower realms, assimilate what is going on around them. Thereby allowing us to help change the need for certain aspects of reality that serve no purpose other than to keep us in a state of non evolution, to be removed, this in turn, speeds up and helps with the universal Ascension and or enlightenment process. There are many ways in which to achieve this as there are many dimensions all of which require a knowledge of the previous in order to move forward. In our quest to help those who are asleep we sometimes forget, that we too were once in their shoes, this is where compassion and acceptance of ones individual reality must take precedent if we are to help these move forward, always remembering it is their choice as to whether they choose to or not, it is not up to us to force them to be but accept that they are not ready or that they may never be. Even though we are all of the same make up we are different, some will take more time than others, some have surpassed others, we should not judge them for where they are in their evolutionary process, we should be ready to help guide them when they are. Never give up, remain positive and always be true to the soul, for that is the journey and these are our lessons. Does that make sense as I was writing, what was coming into my head ?

~ by white owl on October 6, 2014.

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