Warriors of the rainbow

I’m not into negativity, I’m not into control, it’s not very often that things really rile me up but I have to say, that the world today is being run by corrupt sycophants, who want nothing more than, to create slaves for their bidding.


I see a world today, where basic rights are being systematically taken away, where banks can foreclose for their gains, bankers and money markets forcing total collapses of the economy, taxes and fines that are not legal by any stretch, companies that are prepared to rape the world and it’s inhabitants for a dollar. The rich getting richer, while the regular person finds it hard to put food on the table, let alone anything else. Where wages go down, while prices continue to escalate, where family values are being eroded by the need to hold more than one job.Our food, water, minds and air being poisoned, systematic destruction of the ecosystems, unprovoked wars being waged, news that’s only propaganda, Govts that are being bought or bribed, by big companies, at the expense of the common people. Lies being told by those who are supposed to be there for the people.

I see better alternatives, being suppressed, alternative medicines, being shelved or made illegal, alternative free and sustainable power, being suppressed, better ways of living, made illegal, helping those in need, being made illegal. What could only be called police states, being implemented globally, based on the terrorist propaganda, generally perpetuated by the U.S.A. and its covert agencies. Countries being attacked, because they wont bow down to the Machiavellian systems in place or because they have resources that a more powerful country wants. Genocide, in alarming proportions, being vindicated by lies from those in power. Our Govts, giving themselves unjustifiable raises and retirement entitlements, while putting our countries further in debt and expecting the people to foot the bill, for their greed.


So much more than this is wrong with our world today, we need to hold those in these places of power, (who are actually there to serve us) accountable, for their actions. We need to stop this now, before all of our basic rights and ability to survive, are completely gone.

Why are we accepting even one part of this, have we fallen into a slumber that we will never wake from, or are we awake and afraid ?

It’s time to stand against tyranny in all forms, release ourselves from this Oligarchical system, because if we don’t, we will be nothing more than robots for those elitist few, who feel that have the right, to dominate all things on this planet. Release yourself from the shackles of the mindset that has been put there, by the society in which you live.

Please watch this, it is the truth about our system, Video here

Aluminati finger


It’s time to be free once more and be the person your soul knows, reconnect. A fixed positive mindset is needed more today, than ever before.




~ by white owl on January 14, 2015.

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