And then!

We are all energy beings, in our true form, that have access to all states of being and knowing in all dimensions or realities which ever you prefer.

In our current state of being, we are what is called a physical manifestation of an energy congruence.

Even though we are in physical form we still have the abilities of that energy being, although we are constrained to the laws of the physical reality in which we live or abide. This is true in all realities, there are what could be called, universal laws and they vary between each reality and or paradigm.

We still have these abilities and are able to cause and or affect the reality in which we live.

We exist in all planes at once (dimensions/Paradigms).

We take what is called human form, in order to experience the 5 senses, something that we cannot experience in our true state of being, for we are energy with thought.

Once in the physical we become bound by the constraints of it, this is not to say we cannot experience outside of that but we become limited by the conscious mind and ego. Therefore what our physical minds take in create our inhibitors as well as the universal laws relative to the reality. There are those among us that can transcend to a degree but they are still bound to the physical, because they chose to manifest their energy within it.

We do however still have abilities that are utilizable within this reality, such as self healing, spacial travel, to name a few of the more prominent, we also have the ability to access, what we call past, present and future events. Remembering that time is a construct of this reality and that all things actually exist at once. Our physical mental state will be the determinate upon which we can effectively utilize these abilities. Accompany this with the social states of being relative to the reality and this also adds to the constraints you place upon yourself, as well as the learning process you have come here to experience.

This is not to say that you cannot rise above, as so many have. It is just a statement as to what will add to the constraints we place upon ourselves. There are of course other factors.

Lets start with words. Words carry energy and do affect the reality, add to this action and thought and you have the ability to change anything, within reason of course. Remember, that which is of the physical has a greater impact upon it, so in this paradigm, that which affects the physical senses plays a greater role in the reality creation, both on an individual level as well as a collective. Once again remembering all things are ultimately one and we are only experiencing individual expressions of it but as a collective.

Other factors that limit our abilities to be our true self can be seen in our day to day lives. First and foremost would be the affect those who have become so entrapped in the absorption of energy from the physical senses. Here I mean, those who have become so complacent about their fellow human and anything else other than themselves, at a dire cost to others, so that they can experience more of the physical and become, lost to a degree to the energy of the universal. this would include such people as “Bilderberg”, “Rothschild” and even those we put in places of power, like presidents, heads of state and religious leaders to name a few. While not all are corrupted by the physical the majority are.

Adding to this “The media”, “Banking systems”,”Electro magnetic pulse energy, (among others)”, “Radiation”, “Pollution”,”Eco collapse”, “GMO’s”,”Pharmaceuticals” and the list goes on, I could fill a page alone with the things that have been designed by man, in order to suppress his true nature of being.

We are and will always be, the creators of our realities, whether personal or global. We need to understand this, en-mass. We have the ability to make a world, that is harmonious for all living things and still move forwards.

~ by white owl on August 31, 2017.

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