The awakening

Here we are, in times of unrest and turmoil. So much misinformation, policing policies, corruption, lies and deceptions being implemented upon the unknowing masses. What is to become of the world and all it’s inhabitants.

I think it depends on what and where your mind is and your intentions, bearing in mind, as we perceive so we create. Unfortunately, those who stand against said times, are ridiculed, persecuted and labeled, not allowed the rights of freedom of speech.

More and more I see, our common law rights being taken away, by the few and those too indoctrinated to see otherwise.
We are at a crossroads now and it can go either of two ways. Either we go into ourselves and find within us, the power, strength and conviction, to get past the subversive actions and the taking of us, further away from source and stand, as man should, shoulder to shoulder, brother with brother, people and planet.
We need to do this as a collective, hopefully, non violently.
Because if we don’t, we will be in a hunger games, 1984, the matrix, scenarios.

I am aware this is not what, we the people, we the planet or even we the soul want.
I am also aware, that it is hard to stay positive and in-touch with your inner being, particularly in these times. But we, yes you and I, are here for a reason.
If it is not to find balance again and remove the negative influences, Then i would ask you to delve deeper into your soul and ask yourself, is what i do now in line with my higher self, my soul purpose.
So i ask and state again, we are at a crossroad and our actions now, will determine our future and the planets as well as our children and grandchildren.
If ever you needed to connect with your soul, now is the time to do so. There is no time to wait anymore.
If you don’t believe me, just look around you.
In the past 20 years alone, we have been at war, at each other, destroying wildlife, destroying our planet, corrupting our innocent, loading our bodies with toxins. Yet have we made any headway towards a more sustainable, lifestyle, a more inline with planet lifestyle, a more true to ourselves collectively, or are we being led to become the slaves of a few for their benefit. Look at Agenda 2030, the lies to take us to war, the corruption of the banking system and these are very light issues, there are many and they run very deep, more than the average person could imagine, I have been and looked, so i know how bad it really is.
The world has had technologies suppressed that would greatly advance our world and stop a lot of the degradation, if you don’t believe me, just look at RIFE frequencies, Tesla technologies and these are just two.

Now to those who are into religion, especially the bible, end times, does it seem to fit, I think it does. The few (small hats), utilize religion, belief systems as a base to let you know what they are intending, along with the media systems, subliminal suggestion, and repetition. These are all forms of mind control.
Now i’m not saying don’t believe, because there is some truth in the doctrines but very little.
They (men in small hats)have and do use symbolism and many forms of mind control, that where established many years ago. The best example would be the Nazi regime, look at what and how they manipulated their people. And i will tell you now, that many of these perpetrators, were brought from Germany and sequestered into the main global powers for that exact purpose and are in many places of power even now, if not them, their systems.

So i say, it is time for a mass awakening on a grand scale, i dread to think of the consequences, should this not happen. Time to break the chains of indoctrination and set yourself free.

~ by white owl on May 16, 2020.

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