Well if your still here, after part 1, I’m glad :). Thank you.

I’m quite sure that most of this is probably already known by the majority of people. But I feel it is required, particularly in these times and a need to get it out of my head. Once more I hope you find this useful, or eye opening. It will, if nothing else, create some controversy, between myself and those that continue reading. It will make you question what you do and make you ask and or look deeper into what has already been stated, by myself and many learned scholars. Once more, I will state 2 things. This is not an in-depth expose and was never meant to be, secondly, things stated here are, just my observations and opinions.

Shal we continue? oh hell yes !

This will be the biggest section, as it has to incorporate so much, under a single title and should be considered the major social conditioner of all, I will try to keep it as minimalistic as possible. Obviously because of this, it will not cover all forms of social conditioning.

Okay then, here we go. Media, there are many types of media, that I would consider to be types of social conditioning and to a degree, Music should be included here, in my opinion. Particularly since we now have video attached to songs. The others would be, Social Media, as in things like, FB, Instagram, Twitter etc. etc. World News media, especially. I would also consider Movies, in this category and place Cartoons as a part of movies. Lastly, books and or literature. There are of course major differences between all of these, including what could be called hard copy, as in something you can handle or place somewhere for later and what I call soft copies, as in what you find on your internet and TV. I would consider TV as a form of media but for the sake of this and to keep it as short and precise as possible, I will include it as a universal type. Which can and is utilized by all forms of media for conditioning of the population. I realize it should stand alone, as it has become probably the most influential, in terms of social conditioning and will probably touch lightly upon it, in these sections, simply because of the way it has been integrated for so many forms of media.

So how are all of these, social conditioning the populous, I hear you ask. There are once again many ways, which I will attempt to explain, as simply and precisely as possible. Let me also state here that, it has crossovers, hence why I have included only a few, of the so many forms of media. Let us look at Movies first, Movies are and have been a great way of social conditioning. Particularly Cartoons for early childhood and Movies for adults. While not seen by many, symbolism once more plays a large role, Particularly in this area. Now if you remember what I stated about symbolism, you will understand. Add to this the sublimation of a false reality and subliminal suggestions. To some degree this could include documentaries, particularly those representing Global companies or agendas.

You are being subconsciously manipulated into believing that it is normal for, abuse, killing, smoking, drinking, driving like a maniac and many aspects of what are considered abhorrent or unacceptable, to a stable mind. Think about it, regardless of how a Movie and or Cartoon is labeled, it will always have, some aspects of these, included in them and the proliferation of, seems to come at regular intervals. You don’t see many factual representations in movies, let alone cartoons and what ever happened to a real romantic movie, devoid of propaganda scenarios. They are progressively becoming more sexual, war, abusive, us against them, orientated and the list continues. Thereby conditioning the mind, to accept these as being acceptable, social behavior’s. Now, Cartoons create an early stage of mental conditioning, particularly for the more supple minds, of our children in particular. With not only the afore mentioned but also including, especially recently, more openly, acceptable sexual behavior and the incorporation of subluminals. Children are very susceptible to mind manipulations because they can’t differentiate as easily, between fantasy and reality, they think that what they see, is and can be done physically. Add once more the hidden symbolisms found, particularly in Cartoons and you are socially conditioning them, to believe that it’s ok to be, act-out and or replicate this in real life. Movies do a similar scenario for adults, albeit with more subtlety. They get us in a few ways, appealing to our sense of humor, rebellion, fantasy mind sets, etc. And all include some form of music, in order to set the scene, usually pop music as well as advertising. They have also been said to show, what and where they (the controllers), wish to go, in the real world.

Music, on the other hand is not quite so subtle as you may think. Words and images depicting what is, particularly of late, sexually orientated, or even gangster scenarios, the extreme of incorporating, symbolisms associated with the illuminate, particularly in their videos. Because of the repetitious playing of, once more it acclimatizes people into believing it to be acceptable. I will explain, very quickly. Look at how people dress now in these videos, you will see it replicated in society, the way we talk and interactions between male and female, particularly in the younger sexually active age groups. Which I might add, progressively seems to be getting younger and younger and lets face it, we all want to be like our idols, or people we look up to, to some degree, particularly when it allows you to fit in. We try to replicate what we see, hear and or feel as being good. Music, has such an appeal to us in so many ways, it connects us with what we would call, recollections of good and bad times, that have come to pass in our lives but it also connects us to it via the beat, a subconscious tribal sense if you will. Allowing it to impact upon us in an emotional sense, trying to be a part of a certain social group as well as a tribal one, the words can even make us feel a deeper connection with the performer.

Once again don’t get me wrong, what is it they say, “music makes the world go round” and I personally, love music in the majority of it’s forms, I can relax to it, sing along with it, it brings up a melancholy at times, it can pump me up, it affects most people in a similar way I’m sure. So once more you can see how affective it can be, in a multitude of scenarios because it creates a connection very easily.

News media, plays a different role, they will only report something that has a wow factor, particularly if it can be altered to suit said agendas. It has become overly invasive, to the point where it is extremely hard to get away from. Now, News used to report factual information, reporters actually investigated and reported their investigations. Yes they really were investigative journalists in the days gone by but don’t expect that from the mainstream media anymore. If you want that real factual news, you will have to find it in a non commercial product. Essentially nowadays because it has been monopolized, the news media will not report, actual, factual news, it will however, make it seem as if they are but really, what it does now, is pushes agendas for the ruling elite. It sets a narrative of where and what they want people to believe. It is drummed into you on so many channels and for so many hours it becomes harder to escape. Once again impacting us emotionally by design in order to, particularly of late, create a sense of fear or trepidation ( I would love to drop some truth bombs here), how often do you see a feel good story on there, very rarely, why, because you can’t sensationalize it. It is unfortunate that it is being utilized in such a way, especially when it should be what it is supposed to represent, good investigative journalism, factual, regardless of who is involved. News used to be a gateway for people to be able to have an opinion based on factual truths, thereby allowing, true and correct justice to be served and seen as being served.

~ by white owl on March 8, 2021.

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