The time has come, there is no second chances now.

In these times we find ourselves, being over run by a criminal group, vying for our souls.

We, as energy beings, need to stand in our truth, even for those who don’t see, can’t see or won’t see.

We, need to protect the innocent, protect our freedoms and save our souls from destructive forces that would rather rule by hand and weapons against, honest, loving, caring people, than stand against those who also are repressing some in places of influence. To those who are in such positions, I would say to you, do you really not care about your own children and family members, is money your only purpose, that you would go to the extremes of facilitating what could only be called crimes against humanity, do you not have a conscience ? Do you really think that those setting this fake agenda really care about you, or that you are safe because you did what they asked ?

Those who are complicit in forwarding this agenda are as responsible as those who have made it up.

There are some, who are standing against this, in certain positions of power. But it runs so deep, we have to tread carefully. There will be an end to all this fuckery, one way or another.

It is not just the humans who are pushing this agenda, there are insidious entities, conspiring with those 1% elites, and these entities, are in it for control, of your soul.

This current battle is and has been going on for thousands of years, it is deep seated in occultisms, expressly the darker side. Now if you really do delve deep enough, you will see this. I am led to believe this has happened before, past civilizations have faced similar issues and in some cases completely disappeared. Their knowledge has been suppressed for nefarious purposes. We have always had the ability to heal many ailments but big pharma and govt handouts have stopped these from coming to fruition, all for the sake of money. There are ways to heal via frequency to name just one, there are natural remedies being suppressed because it would cost big companies many millions.

There is free energy available, that is more viable than the world destroying things we see today. Our history as we are taught is a complete farce, our universe as we are told is far more alive than is let on, along with the ability to warp time and space, to open alternate dimensions, portals, alternate timelines, time travel the list is endless.

Anyway, my point is, that we as a species, have now come to a cross road. Not just for our physicals being but also and more importantly, we have come to a point of realization about our connections, with not only others but also our connectedness to source. If we do not stand in our true light and being, then I feel we will be lost forever, like the civilizations past. We will be led to our own demise, through the herd mentality that pervades our society, via persistent psychological warfare, pharma meds designed to keep you placid and incoherent on so many levels, this includes alcohol.

They have been poisoning your mind, the air, your food, your body and disconnecting you from your soul, for centuries. Think about that for a minute, GMO’s, DNA manipulation, lies about food scarcity, lies about what is good for you, forced media manipulation, subliminal messages everywhere, symbolism, pushing sexual agendas, racial discriminations, the list just goes on forever. They lie about everything and anything that could possibly move their agenda into fruition. Unlawful laws, taxes, manipulating stocks and shares, manipulating history, destroying those who speak the truth, endless forms of child abuse, medical experimentations, seriously this all needs to be put to an end, very soon.

Lets think, lets deduce what is reality and what is not, what is healthy for us and particularly our children. Be pro-active, and stand for disclosure of all the suppressed tech etc etc. It will make life here much better for all, it will leave you in a more natural state of being, it will allow for all species of plant and animal to co-exist in a more harmonious state and keep you more InTouch with your souls purpose.

There is much to unlearn and even more to learn, once you remove the veils that have restricted you for centuries. The two most important things you should be asking yourself are, Can you tell your children, I did everything I could to keep you safe ? Did you stand in your true self and knowing, for what was right, honest and truthful ? Don’t be a part of a herd being led to slaughter. If ever there was a time to open your mind, eyes, ears and heart, now is it, you are here for a purpose, don’t waste this opportunity that is now at your doorstep, to further your souls purpose and help collectively remove the negativity, that has suppressed the advancement of soul being humans and this planet, for centuries, it’s time to be what you are not what they have led you to believe you are, stand in your power, for you are a co-creator in this reality.

Other side of fear.

~ by white owl on April 20, 2021.

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