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This will be the final part in this series. It will include the conclusion and the last part of the Media section. Once more I will try to keep this as short as possible. I hope you are enjoying this and it’s making you look at the world in a different way, maybe even getting you to look outside the box and doing some research, into truths that are being hidden from you.

Which leads us into, social media. Which for all intents and purposes was generally, for people to be able to interact with one another, especially when separated by distance or work hours. Because we work more now, than we used to, in order to support ourselves, in an ever increasing, tax based and minimum wage society, where both parents now need to work but that is another story isn’t it. Getting back to this Social media, look at FB in particular or Twitter, their policing policies and fact checkers are there to supposedly keep thing on a level playing field. While I agree certain things should not be permitted, hate speech, abusive behavior, stalking. We need to draw a line between what is factual and what is not. Nowadays it seem you cannot post factuality on these platforms, as their policies and fact checkers appear to be working towards an agenda, particularly of late, that does not fit with what is really going on. I meant to say, I have seen reputable DR’s, Scientists, investigative reporters, getting banned, presidents included, for stating fact. How is this social conditioning, well if only certain things are allowed and factuality is not one of them, then it is basically setting up another form of social conditioning, not to mention taking away our right to free speech.

Moving right along, Advertising media, the trend setter in a lot of ways. I’m talking glossy mags probably more than anything else here. Having said that though, advertising in general does set social conditioning in so many ways, what we eat, how we dress, where we go, what we listen to, how we interact, what we buy, how we see others, how our bodies should be, things that are supposedly good for us and what is not, what general medications we use, who did what to who, I could go on for ever, with just this one but you get my point. If you remember I intimated such, in part 1. The more something is in your face the more likely you are to be manipulated towards it, this truth is in conjunct with all forms of media. Because we are more easily coerced visually as a population, along with peer group pressure.

Now I’m not saying that media in it’s day has not been beneficial, as it has been, more so in the past rather than the present. Helping us to connect in ways we never could, passing on of information and ideas, opening us up to a more expressive ways of communicating and interacting with our fellow man. Allowing for a coming together of like minds, like never before, giving us the opportunity for a more diverse understanding of others and so much more, it’s just a shame that it has been utilized as one of the major forms of social conditioning, when it could have been a platform for so much more.

The manipulation, via social conditioning in all it’s forms, has seen a rise in, violence, sexual abuse, child abuse, segregation by race, beliefs, minority groups, persecution of the afore mentioned, proliferation of false or misleading information, fanaticism and of wars and these are just a few examples or what social conditioning has achieved. On a grander scale creating, us and them scenarios, complete and utterly deplorable Social conditioning on a huge scale, globally, to the point of Orwellian design, 1984, Hunger games, the matrix, all seem to be closer to the truth of where these systems want us headed. Social conditioning, sets, personal beliefs, community standards, collective mindsets in turn. In these times, it allows the manipulation of the mindset on a very grand scale globally, just look at what the conditioning is doing right now. Lockdowns for a flu, Vaccines that are portrayed as being safe, fear of what could happen to you as an individual and as a community, including globally. What if any thing, should or could be done. Well, firstly I would consider, not allowing the monopolization of anything, lets face it, with diversity comes a better opportunity for growth in so many ways. How about allowing the truth and correct reporting of factual information, opening up free speech again, which would allow for a more cohesive society and greater expansion of expression.

How about, we stop the coercion via monetary rewards, thereby putting an end to the proliferation of lying sacks of shit, pushing agendas for profit. How about, if we must have some form of Govt, then at least make it, so they are there for the people and not multinational companies, which seems to be the case. How about a school curriculum, particularly in the years from grade 1-7 that actually teach some proper life skills, along with many other aspects, that should be in the system. I mean, to be able to change, something like social conditioning, into a more open minded, truthful, exploratory and expansive scenario. Surely that would lead us away from what we see today, into a more cohesive, honest, open minded, understanding and progressive world for all, It would at the very least save our children, from being corrupted into believing false ideals and scenarios, that seem to be perpetuating a system, designed for a slave mentality, corruption on a grand scale, hidden tech, researching based on profit, instead of usefulness to the globe. If we as a collective, don’t come together soon, as a cohesive group and put a stop to it, we will be, either in a global genocidal scenario or a slave construct (which we appear to be very close to anyway). As I have said before, we have reached this situation, because we have become, cognitively dissident as a whole. Some are standing in truth and trying to awaken those who are still asleep, so to speak. Those who are awake, because of the social conditioning, are now seen as radical’s, only because, social conditioning has made the people see it that way. It is a watershed moment we are facing, here and now, not just for our physical well being but also our souls, well being, as a collective we could be so much more, by simply changing, social conditioning and making it actually factual and useful, instead of destructive.

Here we are, at the end of my thoughts, did you read it all the way ? Has it made you consider, what is really happening? Has it made you think at the least ? I hope it has. I live in hope that, the world will change but for the better instead of where we are going at the moment. If it doesn’t, I will see you on the other side, getting ready for, a re-run, we will get it right. Once again thank you if you made it this far, stand tall in yourself, stand in truth, stand for what is right.

~ by white owl on March 8, 2021.




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